Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bounty Hunter...

Here's Sager's best friends.... they just don't know it! (We actually
have this picture hanging on our refrigerator!)
Do you know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is?  Now some of my faithful followers know that I have already addressed this issue in a previous post.  (The five marriages, 14 kids, his wife's alias, his wife's big boobs, the mullets, TDC time for accessory to murder etc, etc.) But... believe it or not there are actually people who do NOT know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is. (The counselor at our school did not, I repeat, did not know who Dog the Bounty Hunter was....) (what's up with that????)  Anyhooo...... Today is Wednesday and Sager was unable to leave the house a) because he was sick, his head and ear were hurting and b) uh... Dog was coming on duh.... (yeah that's what I deal with.... feel sorry for me?  you should!!!!) 

Well I was talking to Sager and asked him just why in the world did he like Dog so much and you know what he said? He said that it was because everyone on the show had a special skill like door kicking in skills, pepper spray skills, talking on the phone and driving really fast skills. So I say well what is your special skill and he thought of it for a minute and said well even though I'm kinda mean sometimes I can be nice, I'm a pretty fast runner and I'm cool and awesome.  How about that? What do you think your special skill is?  Mine.... (Sager says well you're pretty - uh hello... I have a brain buddy!) I can tell a pretty good story and I love my kids. I guess if you're a mom, you don't really need any other skills except I would like the pepper spraying skills for special occasions... I'm just saying.

Let me know what your special skills are!