Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, Brandon asked me why I hadn't blogged in a while and to tell you the truth, I've just been blah!  I really want to go out to my scrap shack and stamp but it's really cold out there!!!!  So I've washed all the sheets, towels, socks - you name it I've washed it!  I'm contemplating what to fix for supper and I have baby shower invites to finish up (I've brought those in the house where it's warm!!!) but I'm thinking that's not really blog worthy.   My kids are drooling on their Wii's, DS's and play station so not alot of excitement there... we did have a really wonderful time at my sister's in Amarillo for Christmas day.  Shawn, Sarah, the baby and I all watched some movie on TV and stayed up past midnight!!! I can not tell you the last time I was up and awake at midnight but it was too fun!  Shawn had started a fire - I wonder why he didn't let me start it? I don't know.... Sarah and I visited and Jaeli refused to go to bed.  The cousins played video games which sounds awful but they have the best time trash talking and just hanging out.  

The snow's coming down... boo hoo - I'm tired of dirty shoes.  I know that sounds weird but when it's wet or snowy, the shoes pile up by the front door because every one takes them off as soon as they get inside so I have to look at a pile of dirty shoes every time I go into the living room! Gross!

Oh ok, here's something...  Sager burned his face on a flamin' marshmallow, we don't know exactly how he did it, but he did!  He was over at Aunt Holly's and she was trying to show him a good time and so that means fire and fire means marshmallows!  Sager leaned in close to blow out the flamin' mallow and somehow he burned his cheek and his nose!  I hated to say I told you so to Sager but I said it.... I can not count the number of times I've told him to be careful with flamin' mallows!!!

well it's not much of a post but it's something.... we'll visit later!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving...

Here is my sweet little niece Jaeli.  Scout took this picture of her at thanksgiving at my Uncle Tom and Aunt Quetha's house.  All of the kids were there with their kids.  My brother Blue even made an appearance with his family.  Isn't Jaeli the sweetest?  Spoiled rotten - just the way she should be.

Now look at this little dumpling... I like him... he looks like he's about to do something... maybe something ornery... he's cute too... Hey Samuel when you coming to visit?

Sager just loves Samuel... I'm not quite sure if the love is reciprocated (ha!) maybe one day Samuel will understand what a nice cousin Sager is.  (Sager looks so big in this picture...)

Jamison came back to Childress with us after Thanksgiving.  We had the best time with her.  Notice the puppy in her arms.  Jamison acted like Paris Hilton the whole weekend - she carried that dog everywhere she went.    I tried to get her to put it down and she said Mia - I have experience with this, I can handle it! ok! sister handle it!!  Jamison has been dilligently practicing for the Nutcracker production in Amarillo.  She is doing so good.  Jamison we are sooo proud of you!  What a great dancing cousin the brother's have!!!

OK - so I couldn't be unfair and not have a picture of Jackson - (uh... Jackson... could you please take off the sunglasses... I think they're silly... every time I try to take a picture of you, you have them on... give Mia a break will you?  

Jaeli - I needed just one more picture of you... ooohhh I just love you... you're soo sweet... Come to Childress - Mia Sager misses you!!

If I was being really fair - I would put a picture of Scout at Thanksgiving too...

and one of Brandon - and goodness knows that I'm fair... look at Brandon can't you just hear him complaining... now Mona get that camera away from me, you do not need to take my picture... ha-ha-ha!!! I took it any way!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just look at this... my cousin David emailed this pic to me.  This proves to me that life is in the details.  Look at me sandwiched in between the pretty and thin girls.  Look at my thighs - stocky from the get go... Look at my sister's and my cousin Monica's dainty and sweet sandals... what do I have on tennis shoes with no socks - how gross is that?  Look at how sweet Sarah and Monica look, sweet little smiles... Do I have a sweet little smile - nope - that's a scowl... (and while part of me loves that I was so unique part of me doesn't)   This picture was taken a looooong time ago.  I know exactly where we were but I have long forgotten what we were doing.  This is at my Granny's house obviously in the summer but what were we up to?  Who was in charge?  I'm sure my Aunt Quetha is taking the picture.  My mom didn't take pictures of very many things.  Obviously the reason why I take a plethora of pictures at every encounter, every production, every waking moment of my children's mundane lives.  It kind of makes me a little sad.  First of all because I look so unhappy and second of all because ... well because of too many other reasons... poor little girl - I had such potential.  Somebody should have taken me under their wing and said - girl - get some socks on!!! girl - smile for the camera - girl - did you know that you can be what ever you want when you grow up?  girl - you don't have to be second - you're first place material - girl - you're not like your sister or your step sister or your cousin - you're a one and only... but no one said that.  The only one who came close was my Granny who quietly loved me and explained things to me that I needed to know. But there was a lot that never got explained.  Now don't get me wrong I knew that my dad loved me and I knew that ChaCha made sure I was all right (goodness knows she taught me how to look for sales and to never pay full price for anything!) but kids need more than that.  Everyday at my school I see kids that are leading lives where they are just getting by. (As my dad would say - leading lives of quiet desperation.) No one to sing their praises, no one to take them under their wing and say - get some socks on!!!  Sometimes, just sometimes it's nice to hear that you're a little something special.  So if you're reading this, make sure you take the time to let someone - your son, your daughter, your spouse - whatever you call the loved ones in your life - that they are special for whatever reason - don't just say Oh you're something special - say you're special because... because .... because.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day

Well, how are you?  How did your Veterans Day go?  Mine went pretty good.  No pomp and circumstance.  Just a little quiet contemplation.  Many of you who read my blog know that someone who is very dear to me is a veteran.  It seems quite unnatural to think of my little brother as a veteran but he is.  Blue went to Marine Officer Candidate school after graduating from West Texas A&M.  It was soo odd thinking that my little brother was not only going to be following orders but giving them as well.  Let's just say that Blue was laid back, REAL laid-back not the over achiever that our sister Sarah was (HA! - I had to throw that in for my sister....) Anyhoo - after he finished OCS I flew with my Dad and ChaCha and my stepbrother Michael and step sister Anna to Quantico, Virginia to watch him graduate.  The minute we got there and watched him marching with all those Marines... I knew that things would never be the same.  No longer was he just my little brother, he was a man... He was a man of courage and strength.  Long gone was that kid who used to sit and watch cartoons and gripe about taking a bath.  My Dad was so proud of Blue - I must admit it was a little sickening but deep down I was so proud of him.  He listened and learned and totally transformed into a Marine.  Blue was deployed twice.  What all he did over there is still a mystery to me and it doesn't really matter to me.  I know that he accepted his assignments and completed them to the best of his ability.  How do I know that?  Because he's a Marine and that's just what Marines do. Plain and Simple.  Sempre Fi.  Always Faithful.  How's that for a slogan?  Faithful to your work, faithful to your brothers and sisters who are Marines.  Faithful to an ideal.  These people called Marines are different.  My Dad's one - trust me I know because that's how he defines himself.  When I speak of Blue that's how I define him - you know my little brother - just got out of the Marines,  or you know my brother's a Marine.  That's just who and what he is.  So here's to you Salty Dawg... jar head... devil dog! 

from your sister, who is always faithful... to you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is it...

Today is the day that Scout leaves for Lubbock for Regionals.  We are so excited about his meet tomorrow.  Let me say though that I am not just proud of how fast and long he runs but of the young man he's becoming.  Last night was his last practice and unfortunately his coach didn't show up.  I told him just to start running.  He was so worried that his coach would get there and think that he hadn't shown up.  So I told him I would wait there for a while and when the coach got there, I would tell him that Scout had already started running.  So Scout started off and as he ran off I thought well doesn't that suck.  He's the only, ONLY kid going from his school - now I am not saying that he is all that - but he's something, and here he is worried that the coach will think bad of him and the coach isn't even there.  Well, I wait and I wait and I see another coach come out and I ask where Scout's coach was and they said that he has left a while ago... blah, blah, blah... it didn't matter - but it does.

 So I wait and all the basketball boys leave, the basketball girls leave, someone turns out the lights in the gym and it's dark so now  my car is the only car in the parking lot and I wait... and then I see him coming, he's running, he's running to catch a dream, not a big  dream just a dream that maybe he might be something special, maybe he might be something good and I'm the only one there to watch him try, to watch him hustle, to watch him achieve his dream.  As he runs in, I start clapping for him because I know how hard he's worked, I know it hasn't been his coach on his butt.  I know.  Brandon and I are so unbelieveably proud of that boy - nobody has been there cheering him on, we've only gone to one meet and yet he's still going with no team mates to lean on, no coach to help him, no one but him.  

So there's my homage to that sweet little boy of mine,  who has worked so hard, I hope this will show him that hard work does pay off maybe just a little.  Good Luck Ninja - we're behind you all the way!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Last night we went trick or treating - I use that word loosely because all we really did was walk down town.  It's pretty quick and easy and painless.  There were a good amount of kids and their parents and everyone just walks down the sidewalks and collects candy from the merchants downtown.  Here are some pictures:

Sager was a vampire and Morgan was  a ninja.  Shaw decided not to dress up this year which was fine with me because in the end I had to buy Sager two halloween costumes.  He had a transformer costume and Brandon didn't like it.  So Brandon comes up with the bright idea that he should be a vampire about 1:00 on Halloween day!!! Luckily our favorite place in the world (it must be our favorite because we're there all the time!!) had a vampire costume!  Sager really hammed it up!  Scout went carousing with his friends and got twice as much candy as Sager and Shaw combined! Go figure - ever the overachiever!!  We'll I'm off to fix breakfast and then to take care of the pigs!  I hope everyone has a great Sunday and a good Monday!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just a few pics...

Cowboy Day at Elementary
Look at these handsome cowboys - you just got to love a couple of good looking elementary boys dressing up like cowboys!!!

Here are some pictures of Scout with his medal and his cross country team

Now look his name's in lights - hopefully not for the last time!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Run, Scout, Run!!!

Sager was crying when Scout crossed the finish line - I said why are you crying and Sager says - I don't know!!!

Today, Scout ran in the District Track Meet in Lubbock, Texas.  I must say it was kind of chilly.  The wind was blowing but the sun was shining, not too bad of a day to run.  We took the little boys with us and made pretty good time, of course by the time we got there, I really, really, had to go.  Well, as we pull up and get situated, I finally can't take it, and Brandon says just go in there - I think it's a school.  I walk up to the door and a man is walking in and he holds the door for me (he's very well mannered) and I tell him - I'm really just looking for a bathroom, he says (very politely) you can use the staff restroom - how nice was that! well as I'm walkin' out of the bathroom wiping my hands on a paper towel (you know you can't touch the door handle - it's riddled with germs), someone says excuse me who are you and what are you doing? (Did I mention I'm wearing a big hooded sweatshirt that says Childress Bobcats on it?) Well, I told the man who is sitting at a desk(and who doesn't get up - no manners at all), and a woman who is standing in the doorway(who doesn't move or introduce herself - also no manners at all) that I had to go to the bathroom and a man said that I could use the staff restroom.  The man who still has not gotten up from behind the desk starts to question me about what I was doing, and I told him that I was with the cross country track meet - he says it's not until Thursday - I said well - there's a bunch of kids out there who are getting ready to run and I didn't see a port-a-john or else I wouldn't have walked in here with the man through the front door that wasn't locked - it was open - the man and the woman who still haven't introduced themselves are still arguing with me about whether or not there's a track meet going on and I said they are running today and then regionals are on another day. 

Well, we go round and round and I had said that I was sorry like ten times and he says well this is an alternative school and I said well the front door was open. The whole incident was a complete joke.  I wish that I could have said - why don't you get up from behind your desk and see what the kids are doing outside and maybe you ought to be walking the halls of your school to see what your kids are doing... but of course he didn't ask me for my opinion - like I said - no manners - geesh!!!

Anyhoo - here are some pictures of Scout and the brothers, you know that we are super proud of Scout and how hard he was worked. He has made this day his!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hola mis Amigos!!!

This year for the fourth grade musical, they did things a little different. They had a Fiesta Celebration! 

 They told a few historical facts, and sang a couple of mexican songs. Then the P.E. teacher, Coach Botos, had the kids dancing!!! It was totally cool! I haven't ever seen some of these kids move faster than a slow walk! Seeing all of the kids up and dancing was the best! Everyone of them was smiling and really showing off. It was great. Look at our little Pedro - I mean Shaw!! 

He's always wanted to be Mexican - even if it's only for a night! After the program, we had a potluck dinner and we all dined of some delicious mexican food!
 Good Job Pedro - I mean Shaw!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Friends

This was the first year that we've gone to the Childress High School Homecoming parade. Scout is a freshman class officer so he helped decorate the float and rode on it as well. I didn't even know that there was a homecoming parade! Who knew? Sager, Shaw and I went and watched and then went to the little pep rally after the parade, I think the boys liked it - it was pretty fun - the band played, candy was thrown and something was set on fire! (all the components for some home-town fun!) I had to work in the concession stand for the homecoming football game, so that was pretty fun. When I say it was fun, standing and making frito pies and nachos wasn't fun but seeing all the kids with their mums and garters was kind of fun and visiting with the other parents in the concession stand was fun.

Scout is growing up so fast, it seems like just as soon as he reached high school - he aged instantly! This is such a fun time for him - I hope he's making good memories that will last him his whole lifetime!

You can see that Scout has his Cross Country sweatshirt on - he is so proud of that thing and what it means to him! He has worked so hard to get better every week - and it's all on him - there's no other members to help him or to rely on like in football or basketball - it's all on him... Brandon and I are so proud that he's listened to at least some of the nagging that we have done to try to get him to work hard and accomplish something! We're going to go to District Meet - it's going to be in Lubbock, Texas - I can't wait!

Look here is our new friend. Her name is Rosie. Shaw's going to be showing her and Juliet at the Childress County Livestock show. He's been very dutiful in looking after them, cleaning up after the both of them, scooping poop, trying to get them calmed down, everything. Aren't they sweet?  I hope he's enjoying them and all the memories we're making!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is Bucky. He's the horse that Brandon bought not to long ago. He's like a big ole' dog. He is sooo gentle. Brandon rides him nearly every day so he is getting his money's worth out of him. I don't know... he's pretty cute!

Looky Loo!!!!

Look at our new friend! Juliet.

Isn't she the sweetest? This is Shaw's new show pig. We decided to get another spot, I guess because we just loved Romeo (maybe I shouldn't say loved especially since I took him to get butchered...) but he was such a good pig!!! and Shaw won a little bit of money from ole' Romeo. In fact Shaw just spent part of his pig winnings today on a new scooter!!! This morning we went out to check on Juliet and I'm worried that she's not feeling very good. Hopefully after we give her some medicine, she'll start feeling better! Get well soon sweet girl!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What to say...

Well hello there, how are you? I'm good. I just haven't been a very good blogger lately. I've been a little busy - no more than the usual but I just haven't felt like writing. To tell you the truth, I have too much to write about and sometimes it's difficult to decide on just one thing. I have a bunch of stuff to do but I'm a little unmotivated. I did get the pig pen cleaned out so we're ready to get Shaw's new show pig and I did get almost all of the laundry done. Some dishes were done, and Scout cleaned the boys bathroom. So I should be motivated to do something but alas I'm not. I need to go to school to work on some things but I think I'll do that tomorrow.

Let me see... what can I regale you with, some witty stories perhaps, hmmmmmm.... I just don't know.... ok here's one - my sister calls me and tells me about how she went down to my dad's office and his secretary hands her a birthday card and says Happy Birthday!!! and Sarah (my sister) says thanks but my birthday was in July. It was hysterical especially since it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!! My dad's secretary said well can you put it in another envelope and give it to your sister?! too funny. My sister said oh no, Maria will totally get a kick out of this! She asked my dad's secretary - does it have money in it? So Sarah said that she left the money in there and she's going to mail it to me - I'll let you know if she left the money in there or not!!!

My dad is kind of a dork! He has soo many things in his head, I totally don't sweat the small stuff like him forgetting whose birthday it is. One time when we were younger, he took my brother and I to school and then he took my sister to school - the wrong school - he took her to the elementary instead of the jr. high! Now that is funny!! Because you know in his mind she's still a little girl and in her mind she's so grown up!

I hope that everyone has a great week and hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

We're packing our bags and getting ready to go to the pig show in Tri-State Fair in Amarillo. I just am soooo excited!!! I love everything about going to the livestock show. I love that Shaw and I have worked together so that he can show his pig in Amarillo. I loved showing animals. My sister got us started - she signed up for an Ag class in high school and showed a lamb. Somehow she hooked me into helping and I think I even ended up helping to clip it on the day before the show - maybe because she was over snogging with her boyfriend!!! Shout out to Shawn!!! I don't think that she did very good but we had a good time.

I've showed lambs, pigs, and steers. I loved everything about showing. I love watching the kids get their animals ready with the parents hovering close. I love watching their serious faces as they try hard to prove their animal is better than the next kid's. My little brother won a showmanship buckle for showing his pig and of course he never even said thank you to my sister and I for giving him all of our showing advice!!! Ha! We were on the outside of the ring as he was showing and he was on the inside ignoring us! Doesn't he know that that's what older sisters are supposed to do? I've talked Sager into showing some chickens and Scout too! Shaw's the only one whose going to show a pig. I think the others are too scared!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget to be nice!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Operation Nice

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, it's nice and cool with a little bit of rain. I just love it!

The other day I stumbled across this website : www.operationnice.com . I hope that if you have a chance, you ought to click on over. I have really been noticing nice people and not so nice people. You ought to try paying attention to whose who are nice and who isn't. It really doesn't take very much to be nice. I'm not talking fake nice. I mean just nice. This website is all about being nice. Can it get any better than a little bit of niceness? I don't think so. It doesn't have to be a big thing just a little something. I think I noticed how nice my kids are being in school and it got me to thinking. Why were they so ornery in the past but now they are being pretty darn good? I don't know but I like it! So try to do something (just a little something) nice and let me know how it goes!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Lucky Day....

What a day! This could be my luckiest day in a while. We were supposed to go to the lake this weekend but Brandon and I decided not to go. He spent Saturday and Sunday riding his new horse and I stayed at the house and got caught up on my chores! While that doesn't sound all that fun, I feel so much better knowing that my house is situated! This weekend wasn't all work and no fun, I went to the golf course with Shaw and Sager, and Scout and I baked some banana bread, (I did the cooking and he did the eating!!) and then I went and visited with some of my teacher friends on Sunday evening. (Brandon had cooked out for the boys and had cleaned the kitchen by the time I got home!) I had a blast laughing and just hanging out. Today I found my camera that I thought was at the lake, I found my other brown flip flop that I had been searching for for like a month and I also found my favorite black Land's End polo shirt that I have been missing since this summer! How lucky is that!?!

I also found Scout's results for his first cross country track meet! I tell ya I'm lucky!!! Scout's first meet was quite the disappointment for him. He really wasn't as prepared as he should have been. Although it wasn't his fault, if your coach has you run a 2.2 mile run at practice and your meet run is 3 miles - it's not your fault. I'm trying to be positive for him but man it's HARD!!! He wants to do better and I'm all for that! Anyway after searching for a little while on the internet, I found that he finished 38th out of 95 kids! That's not bad! He finished first out of the Childress kids (he just barely beat the kid that he runs with! like 2 seconds!)

I'll be anxious to see how he does at the next meet! Wish him luck everyone! I hope tomorrow is as lucky for you as today was for me!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


This morning Brandon and I took the little boys to hit some golf balls (Scout decided to stay home especially since he had just woke up at 9:30 (really closer to 10!) - teenagers - go figure!. I hate to admit it but I had to go back to the car for a jacket!! It was so nice! Everyone knows I love a good tan, and the sun and swimming but I'm a little over it!! I am ready for fall, and cooler weather.

We had a good time especially since Sager had to show Brandon how to sink a putt (twice!!) you gotta love it! I'm ready to week 2 of school. Are you?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Look what I found!!

Maybe I shouldn't leave my children in my school room with my computer!! Look at Shaw biting Sager's head... I didn't teach him this!?! Where do boys learn this?

Friday, Finally!!!

This week has really gone slow, maybe so I could savor all the new things that are going on!! My classes at school really went smooth, I'm a little nervous that something bad is going to happen because it went sooo smooth. Scout has weathered his first week of being a freshman, Shaw is an old pro at being a fourth grader and Sager, well let's just say Sager may need a little more time. School itself has gone fine for Sager but he's really missing his old friends. He feels like he doesn't have any friends (he says he's lonely). It absolutely pains my heart that the new kids haven't taken to him like the other kids did. I don't know what it is... The other day I asked him how school went and he said awesome - he said - I saw some of my old friends and they called my name because they wanted to talk with me. I've thought about bribing someone to be his friend but Brandon tried that and it didn't really work!! Scout says that's what we get for making him do second grade over - Scout says that it would have been better to put him in Special Ed and let him have his friends than to hold him back. You know it must be pretty obvious that Sager's not happy when his teenage brother is worried about his little brother's feelings. (I know that Sager is soo blessed to have Scout and Shaw but now neither one is on the playground with Sager! =(

Maybe week two will bring some more goodness not just for Sager but for everyone around!! Be a good friend to everyone - you just might bring someone a little bit of happiness when they need it the most!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day One is Done!!!

My first day of school was pretty good. How was yours? Sager said his was awesome, Shaw said his was really good and Scout had nothing negative to say at all. They are growing up sooo fast which is so weird because I'm only 23 (in my mind!) (I wish!) (No I really don't wish because even though I thought I knew everything and was sooo mature at 23 - I really wasn't! Do you believe that? I know you don't but believe me it's true. Sad but true!)

I just love seeing all the 6th graders, they looked a little scared. Our sixth graders this year, I was with them in fourth grade so I really like to see them. They are not little kids anymore, are they tweens? They are pretty close to being teenagers but not really! I see the difference in them and it makes me worry about my own little dumplings! Sager told Shaw this morning - you look like a teenager! Shaw is growing up and is so sweet. I hope he stays that way. (I know he won't but maybe he won't be too bad!)

I think this year is going to be really good. How about you? What are you going to do this year? Well, whatever you do - do it good!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What am I thinking....

We are waiting for Brandon to get home so that we can leave to go to the lake!!! I know I should be up at school or doing laundry or something but the lake does sound so inviting!!! We went school clothes shopping yesterday so clothes are done!!! My school room is done, my lesson plans are done, I made all my copies for this week, I have posted all my class stuff on my class blog, I really think that I'm situated so I guess going out of town shouldn't be too traumatic!!! I will go up to school on Sunday just to make myself feel better and I'll probably have a touch of insomnia Sunday night in anticipation of Monday (but I have it every Sunday!!!) but I am really excited to get school going and get in the groove!!! I have so many things I want to do with my classes, I hope all goes well!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!!! Maybe I'll get one last delicious tan!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Here we go...

Is this my official first day back to school or was it last week when we did all the training?  I don't know.  What I do know is I have to go to school today and my kids are still in their pajamas and watching cartoons.  I'm not really sure this is fair.  But what I love is that I left them a list of chores that they have to do while I'm at school.  hee hee hee, haw haw haw!!!  I love being the parent!!!!

I am excited about school starting.  I'm excited about seeing the kids but what I'm most excited is seeing all my friends.  I work with absolutely the best people!!! How did I get so lucky?

Here are some pictures of our summer... time sure flies when you're having fun!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank you's

Please read all the comments for the birthday post.  Sager wrote a few things to his peeps!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today is the day!!!

Today is the day eight years ago that my darling Sager was born.  This day came after four days in the hospital and ended with an emergency C-section.  Sager's original due date was November 15th.  Shaw was only two and Scout was six.  It was such a roller coaster ride of emotions.  We were so happy that he was alive but at the same time we wondered if he would be healthy or even happy.  He stayed in the hospital for 71 days.  Then when we brought him home he didn't leave the house until he was two except for doctor's visits or hospitalizations!!!  But enough of the sad stuff!  He is an absolute joy who absolutely brings a little bit of love everywhere he goes.  He is very thoughtful and tries to be as kind as he can be!!  So if you see him today - wish him a Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Last Hurrah!!!

This weekend my family came up for one last hurrah before summer was officially over.  My sister and her kids came down Saturday morning and then my dad and chacha came down around 6:00 Saturday evening and then my brother and his family came down Sunday morning!!!  All the cousins had the best time.  We ate, played and visited.  We celebrated Samuel's and Sager's birthday.  Samuel was 2 on the 3rd and Sager will be 8  on the 12th!! 

Tia and her kids got Sager a Taylor Swift CD.  Holy cow!!!! He literally gasped and swooned!!!  Then he starts crying!!  It was quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!!  Sager loves Taylor Swift!!!  

It was soooo good to have everyone here for a visit.  Between Scout, Jackson and ChaCha, I cooked over 3 pounds of bacon!!!!  That's a lot of bacon!!!

Tomorrow I actually have to get up early (like 6:00 a.m. early - boo-hoo!!!) to go to Floydada.  Wish me luck!!!!