Friday, June 10, 2011

I love, love, love skin damage....

I know - the title of this blog is definitely not politically correct - I almost put a disclaimer on here that said if you are Sharla Miller please do not read this!! (because of Sharla - a skin cancer survivor - I vowed never to go to a tanning bed again!) however - I didn't promise to stay out of the sun.... sorry Sharla!!!

When my sister and I were little we would "lay-out" all summer long.  When I say "lay-out", I mean literally lay out in the backyard, the city pool, the Amarillo Town Club (remember those days Sarah - that's a whole 'nother post!!).... even the pool in Gruver, Texas (that is the "new" pool that probably is quite old now but when we were little they had an indoor pool and that was the old pool - at the high school - how swanky is that? - but then when we were in jr high or high school they got a new pool that was totally outside... )  We would go outside in the backyard and take drinks, chips, sandwiches, our boom boxes - you know the ones with the D size batteries... geesh - those batteries were expensive (and half the time we would just use an extension cord and plug in the radio - ya know.. po') because you couldn't be going inside all the time and missing the sun and letting all the cool air from the swamp cooler leak out of the house (do you know what a swamp cooler is?  my kids probably don't know what they are... it's an evaporative cooler, you know the ones with the pads that you had to run water over in order for the fan to spin and cool the air - and when it was really hot someone would have to go outside with the hose and spray more water on it....geesh! how ghetto is that!!!) and lay outside for HOURS....HOURS I tell you.  Sarah and I had given the topic of tanning many, many thoughts. (at just a side note - Sarah grew up to marry Shawn - a total tan-orexic who goes to the tanning bed EVERY day.... hmmm.... and he just thought it was his charming personality, mullet and mustache that hooked her!)

Since we tanned pretty easy and we were poor... as in po'.... we couldn't buy the expensive tanning lotions that smelled like coconut (hello hawaiian tropics - I would wear that as perfume if I could!!!)  no, no we had to improvise.... only now that I look back at what all we did, does it seem really, really ridiculous.... especially since I was out in the backyard today tanning.... sorry Sharla.... watching the boys play in the water when I decided I needed some sort of oil to really get me good and tan so I asked Scout  to get me the canola oil out of the pantry and when I did... he stood there for half a second and stared at me like I had spoken swahili.... then and only then did I realize... I have a little problem.... When my sister and I were in our prime tanning years, we would get baby oil and put iodine in it for a really nice tan - anyone know where that came from? If someone is reading this and knows the origin of the baby oil, iodine concoction, I would love to know!  We also used crisco, laid on aluminum foil,  pooled money together and went in for a baby pool to lay in so it was like we were at the pool, (because everyone knew that the reflection of the water off your skin was necessary for optimum skin damage...) we did the sprinkler with the lawn chairs, you name it we tried it...

Those were the days.... I smile at the idea that as long as I was tan, I was beautiful.... how simple....I had a friend named Jennifer Carroll who got a tan and didn't want it to peel and she took her big ole' bottle of lotion to jr. high school (because everyone knew that you must keep your skin properly hydrated so your tan wouldn't fade....) clearly it wasn't just my sister and I who wanted to be tan.... anyhoo...I'm off to watch baseball and try to sit in the sun... just kidding...I'm just kidding.... sort of.... I have a sickness - you people shouldn't judge me!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My kid came home at 3 in the morning!!!!

Well... it happened... one of my kids came home at 3:00 in the morning (2:45 in the morning to be exact!)  It was a shock.  As I waited for him to come in the house, all these questions were going through my head... was he all right? what had been going on? how was I going to react? would his future actions hinge on how I handled this?.... I asked him - what's going on? and he says - I've had a long night - I just want to go to bed.... I asked him what happened? he said - I don't know....

after reading this - you probably think it was Scout right? well you'd be wrong! It was Sager.  He had been over at a sleep over and he got sick and his Aunt Holly had to bring him home.

 The reason I tell this story is because of this.... sometimes when you only know part of the story, you don't really know all the story.  For me, it gets really old people only learning part of a story and then talking about it... if you want to know something find out the real story - as Paul Harvey always said - the rest of the story (especially if it's about me - just ask...but be ready - I'll have some questions of my own - just saying...)

Now on a more positive note - Scout is getting ready to go to his first camp at Texas Tech - he's very excited - it's a track and field camp - woo-hoo!  Shaw is finishing up his baseball season - he's absolutely hysterical - at his last game there was a triple play and he got out on a pop fly - Brandon was asking him about it and Shaw tells Brandon - well clearly I wasn't thinking....too funny! and Sager... he's been sick since the last week of school - he's been to Amarillo and Dallas for doctor's appointments but he's still going strong!  Shaw will be with me next year at Jr. high and Sager will be a big fourth grader - holy moly!! Where did the time go?