Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monson Music...

Here are some pictures from Monson Music's end of the year recital!  Shaw and Scout did absolutely lovely.  Scout tied for first runner up for high score at guild and he also won most improved though the years, He was wanting Mr. Monson to come up with the snazziest dresser to play piano in but I don't think Mr. Monson gives that award (lol!)  Shaw played perfectly - he was the last pianist to play, he thought that he was going to go first (curse alphabetical order!) but Mr. Monson switched it up and reversed the order!!  The boys looked super cute and of course even Sager dressed to the nine's!  

I am so excited that summer is here - I really can't even believe that my first year of teaching has come and gone!  I can't tell you how wonderfully blessed I am to work for my principal and to work with the teachers up at the Jr. High!  It is absolutely humbling how working there has enriched my life - I know that sounds corny - but it is so true!!

This summer Scout's going to play on the traveling team and Shaw and Sager will play golf - so maybe I won't be too lazy this summer and I might get some things accomplished!!! 

I'm off to make some cards!!! Have a great summer!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More pictures

More pictures from Guild!

Busy weekend...

Here are some sweet pictures from the boys piano guild audition, that was in Quanah, Texas.  We left right after school on Friday.  I swung by the house and picked up Sager and Shaw and we rushed to Quanah.  The lady's house that guild is always held at is a vintage 70's house.  Sager went to the bathroom and lo and behold I thought that he would die and go to heaven,  She had plush magenta carpet, magenta tile, pink cabinets, it was fabulous!  Sager tells me, we'll never be able to afford something so nice (it made me feel a little sad! especially since it wasn't that nice!!) anyway Sager charmed her, the boys did wonderful, and they looked good to boot!  I was so proud of them!!  Sunday, they will have their piano recital here in Childress, I can't wait.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures from Mother's Day

On Mother's Day this year, we had a surprise lunch for Brandon's mom, Suzanne, AKA Nana.  Edwin had told her some fib about going to the lake and then told her another fib about going to the farm, so when she finally got to lunch, she was halfway mad but totally so surprised, it was pretty funny! Anyone who knows my group, knows that keeping a secret is really not our forte!  Sager and I had seen Nana at the grocery store the day before Mother's Day and I thought Sager was totally going to blow the secret!  He was giggling and being so silly, but he didn't say anything, thank goodness!  We really did have a great time, the weather was perfect, and the food was delish! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Total Randomness...

I'm waiting for 7:00 p.m.  to roll around so that I can take the brothers to Monson's.  Tonight they have their last group lesson before their Guild Audition on Friday.  I have some cute pictures of various things except that I am too lazy to go get the cord to my camera so that I can download the pictures!  I'm  listening to Scout sleep on the couch - he's snoring... my Uncle Tom and my Aunt Quetha came through town this weekend - serendipitously while my dad was here and Tom looked at Scout's nose and said that he thought he does need to go see a plastic surgeon for his snout.  As I listen to the snoring... I tend to agree.  

When I was young, I had a pair of Yo-Yo sandals, they were so sassy! they had wooden soles with a hole in the heel.  I totally loved them!  They were the bomb! I would wear them to school with my knee highs,  I hadn't met any other person who remembered them until last week, our diagnostician and I were talking shoes and she totally remembered them!   I have tried Googling them and I can't find them or even a picture of them, how weird is that, if I could find a pair, I would totally buy them.  As I was trying to find them, I stumbled across a blog and these ladies were talking about 80's perfume, it totally made me laugh! Exclamation!, Poison, Love's Baby Soft, Anais Anais, do you remember those?  what about Sand and Sable - I saw  some at the Wal-mart the other day and I totally thought about buying it... left me know what your favorite 80's perfume was...

Maybe as I get up to go take the brothers, I'll get my cord for my camera, maybe...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lessons learned...

As many of you have seen on my blog, there is a video of Sager dancing.  It is quite possibly the funniest thing on earth (to me) so that is why I put it on there.  Well, it seems that although I'm not the only one who thinks it's funny but the one person who doesn't think it is funny is Sager.  Yesterday, two people very sweetly told Sager how much they enjoyed his dancing. OMG!!! long (and painful) story short - Sager busts out crying (basically freaking out!) and I could not even imagine what in the world was wrong.  Sager loves attention.  He does. Plain and simple, he loves it.  Well when we got home, I tried to talk to him about it and he tells me would you want me to take a video of you in your bra and underwear (please everyone, take a small moment to shudder and thank God there is not video of that!!)?  so I asked him, were you embarrassed? ya-ah! Sager says.  Oh, OK!?!  So if you've seen the video don't tell Sager.  Let it bring you happiness and laughter cuz it's funny!  So I learned a valuable lesson, if Sager gets embarrassed, he'll get over it but he's going to need a little prize. (a sneaky trip inside a secret lair and an "action" hat really will make him feel a little better!)

Just on a side note - I probably set up Sager's bad day by telling him to wait to take his lunch, I thought they were going to have chicken nuggets (which he loves) but instead they had chicken spaghetti (which he hates) and it was even so bad that he asked his teacher Mrs. Gunn to let him call me and so she told him no (of course) and she got "the look" from him.  Sorry Mrs. Gunn but sometimes it's nice not to be the only one who makes Sager mad!

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a funny video of Sager dancing. He used to like watching some show on VH1 about dancing. He almost looks like he's having a seizure!

Shaw playing at the Busy Beavers

Shaw's piano teacher often has his student's play at different places around time. The Busy Beavers is a gathering spot where senior citizens have lunch. This is the second time that Shaw has played there. He did so good. I was so proud of him!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sports Banquet

Last night we went to we went to the Junior High Sports Banquet.  All the kids looked so snazzy!  Almost everyone was dressed up and looking good.  We had a delicious meal of  brisket, sausage, chicken, beans, salad and my favorite potato salad from the Childress Bakery! Yum-oh!  Of course Scout got totally dolled up, we had a discussion about whether or not he should wear this vest, I told him it didn't match (it didn't) and his dad said just to leave him alone and let him decide what he wants to wear.  I thought I was going to gag!  One of these days, I totally understand that he will be making his own decisions but not right now, especially since it didn't match!!!!! Did you hear me I said it didn't match????!!!!   Anyhoo.... I posted some pictures and it's so...  something, what I don't know... how grown up Scout is getting.  In my mind, I'm still 23 and only when I see pictures of Brandon and I do I realize how old we're getting!  Gag! (again!)  

Saturday, May 2, 2009

8 skate and donate...

Well my friend Debbie tagged me with the 8's so I'm going to comply but I don't know 8 more people to tag so I'll just answer the questions!!!

8 things I look forward to:
1. End of school
2. A summer sun tan
3. Spending time with my sister and her kids
4. Spending time at Lake Kemp with Brandon's family
5. Dressing up my kids for the piano concert
6. Making cards and scrapbooking this summer
7. Sleeping late this summer
8. Eating lots and lots of food at the Lake!

8 thinks I did yesterday:
1. Took my kid to the ER
2. Called my sister
3. Called my Dad
4. Ate Thai Kitchen - my favorite!
5. Kissed my kids!
6. Slept in the bed with Sager
7. Went to the Wal-Mart
8. Hoped I didn't get the swine flu!

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Sing
2. Plant more flowers
3. Plant more trees
4. Spend more time with my kids
5. Spend more time with my sister
6. Have more money
7. Go to Hawaii
8. Eat some mexican food! (sorry I'm hungry not shallow!)

8 TV Shows:
1. House
2. Monk
3. That's it - unless you count the History Channel or National Geographic Channel (I just don't have time to watch TV nor do I ever remember when specific shows are on!)

So if you're reading this consider yourself tagged! Let me know your 8's!

Poor Scout!

Scout woke up yesterday congested and kind of snotty.  I asked him if he wanted to stay home even though he had his last TAKS test - Social Studies to take.  He of course said no that he was all right.  Well like the trooper he is, he did go to school and took his test and when the test was over, all the kids got to go play on the field or basketball or wall ball, basically get some energy out!!! Well I was in the Gym and I see him walk in and he doesn't have his socks and shoes on and so of course I was grossed out and walked over there to get on him and when I got there and asked him where his shoes were, I noticed he had blood on his face and a bloody kleenex on his nose (aren't I just the best mom?) so of course I freaked!!!  Long story short... Scout was playing football and he had taken his shoes off because he didn't want to get his Puma's dirty... and he and another kid ran into each other, the 6th grader, ended up with a black eye and Scout ended up at the Emergency room with a broke nose!!!   Of course I lectured him all the way there and told him he should have listened to me and just stayed home, blah, blah, blah... and when we got there, there had been a horrible accident and a family of eight had a car accident, one person had died, four had walked away and three were being life flighted out.  Talk about a reality check.   

So kiss your kids and your old man or old lady because sometimes a busted snout isn't all that horrible in the bigger scheme of life.  (With that being said, I'm not so sentimental that I won't post pictures of Scout's snout! much to his dismay!)

Here's Jaeli!

Look at that sweet girl!!! Scout took these pictures - don't they look good!!!