Sunday, October 21, 2012

Senior blues...

Well, I've so been meaning to post more and more what with this being Scout's last year but I just can't find time to sit down and compose myself long enough to type something up!! We are in the midst of a very busy cross country season with Scout and Shaw running! It really has been AWESOME!!! Although Sager might not think so! (He's been hauled hither and yon and is ready for some sport that has a concession stand! He loves a good concession stand!)

We've picked out pigs for Scout and Shaw, we've ordered chickens and rabbits.... so many things that we always do but this year is different because this is the last of so many things.... I'll start crying if I go any further.... can you feel my pain??? Senior year... blech! ;)

Here's some pictures until the next post of the boy who refuses to stop growing up!!

Where is the little boy that I dropped off at daycare??? HE'S ALL GROWN UP!!!!