Thursday, December 23, 2010

Minnie Lee

Sager addressed  Minnie's envelope....
This week has been a very sad week for our family, especially Sager, his babysitter, Minnie Lee King passed away.  He was sooo sad.  Honestly he loved Minnie with all of his heart.  When I first started to go back to work, Sager would stay with Minnie, they would watch Price is Right, he would sit in her lap and she would just love him.  Even after Sager started to school, we would have to go by and visit with Minnie.  I would tell Sager - we are only staying a few minutes so  get in there and hug her, love her and then we're leaving...... next thing I know 2 hours have passed and Sager's eating cookies, and drinking a Dr. Pepper and Minnie and I have visited about all sorts of things.  We would laugh - it was the best.  Minnie was 88 and had lived a long wonderful life.  This was the first time that Sager had to deal with real death and sorrow.  When I first told him, he was furious with me.  He said Why did you tell me!!! and then he cried and cried.  After a while, he accepted it and was just worried about logistics.  Was she happy? Was she going to be all right where ever she was?  Was her house going to be empty?  Was someone with her when she died? (He was really worried about this one, he did NOT want her to be alone... how sweet is that?)  When we got home, he told me that he needed to write her a letter, and so I reminded him every so gently that she wouldn't see it, and he looked at me and said, if I write it, she will see it... silly of me... 

Here is the sweetest little letter that he wrote her.  This kid will never need therapy! Never... he's  totally in touch with his feelings.  This is what Christmas is about, love, adoration, honesty, and loyalty.  I don't know how she did it, but Minnie has filled Sager's heart and he will love her and remember her forever.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and remember to love someone in such a way that they will love you, forever, just like Minnie Lee King and Sager.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poor Santa....

Well, it happened this morning.  It did.  I was hoping it wouldn't happen but deep down inside I was so glad that it hadn't happened.  It was my last hold of something special.  It really was.  Lord knows I gripe and complain about Christmas.  You've heard my rants and raves about my woebegone childhood.  But having Sager believe in Santa was sweet.  It was.  This morning, Scout was out of town hunting with PawPaw and Jackson and so Brandon loaded us up and we went to get breakfast at the bakery.  We were waiting in line and Sager said well I know there's no Santa Claus. ummm.... do what????? So I immediately said - WHO TOLD YOU THAT????? and he totally looked at me like I was crazy and said no one did - I figured it out myself.  First it's riding a bike and next thing you know Sager doesn't believe in Santa.  Holy Moly.... 

He had to figure it out right? I mean really a magical fat guy (and we all know how much Sager loves overweight people and their quest to get skinny)  who flies around in a sleigh with magical reindeer delivering toys to children round the world?  but man... he's still so little, well, I guess he is, he can't shave, doesn't wear deodorant, can't tie his shoes (we're working on that one.... pretty tricky though... have you seen how little his fingers are?) anyhoo... I just thought he would make it a little bit longer... although I really shouldn't be surprised, he's pretty logical about things... I'll have to let you know about how it ends up... Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

What's up?

Well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I can not believe that soon Christmas will be here... wow time is really flying... I don't have anything to really post about but I thought I would just check in and see how everyone is doing... I have some great pictures to share but of course I can't find my camera cord so you'll just have to be patient!  I'll be back soon!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wait.... did you hear that?

Wait.... did you hear that???? It was Sager, he just grew up!!!! Holy moly... the day has come, Sager has officially become not a little boy anymore!!! I picked Sager up from Mr. Monson's ukulele lesson and we decided to go and visit our friend, Lindsey,who just moved to town.  There was this little bike in the front yard and Sager asked if he could ride it, I told him sarcastically (I know... how else would I say it? duh!) sure get on that bike and it you can ride it - I'll go get you a brand new one from Wal-Mart!! and let me tell you why I said that.... Sager has wanted to ride a bike but he really wanted to ride a bike with training wheels.  Scout and Shaw took off his training wheels from his old bike because they said that he needed to ride a real bike not a baby bike... no soft warm and fuzzy brotherhood here I'll tell ya! 

So Sager picks up the bike throws his leg over and rides off.  Just like that... he aged instantly!!! I just stared and he's giggling the whole time!! I bust out laughing because in that moment he went from my little baby to a big boy with one turn on the wheel. Holy moly.... how is that?  He was a baby... now he's not.... and to top it off my sister called and asked if we were going to have a big party for Scout's 16th birthday in January.  Do what? oh that's right... Shut your mouth!!!! I'm going to the store to buy a bike and maybe a six pack.... would that look bad?  at this point - who care's.... Sager's not a baby anymore.... gasp, sob, boo-hoo!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BOO HOO Cross Country is over....

Well this year's cross country season is over... boo...hoo... gasp.. sob.... and Scout made it from District in Spearman, Texas to Regionals in Lubbock, Texas this weekend.  For the record the wind only
blew 9,0000miles per hour, and Scout and the rest of his team, who are all ladies, ran really, really well despite the wind.  Look at Sager's hair.... he kep trying to jump up and fly!!!  Scout ran so hard and he was at a dead sprint between the guy from Bushland, TX  (I should post his name so everyone could send him hate mail but I'm the bigger person, I'm the bigger person... sorry I was chanting to myself...) anyway Scout passes this jerk and was leaning in to take the 5th place spot when this creep, who is a Jr. at Bushland, Highschool, whose initials are K.L., I'm just saying...., reaches over and grabs Scout and slings him back and takes 5th and Scout gets 6th.  Of course I start yelling, DISQUALIFY HIM.... but alas they didn't listen to me and they let that punk have 5th place, although I should add that Scout didn't feel good and didn't run his best but he was still better than Mr. L, so Scout gets to go to Regionals, again, second year in a row, second year in a row that he's the only one from Childress going.... yeah that's right - I'm stinking proud of that sucker!!!
 Here's a picture of him and all the high school girls who ran... Hannah, Brooke, Scout, Marisol, and Rachel.... for the record - They totally rocked too! Look there's Scout holding his award and wearing his obscene sunglasses (that's what his ChaCha calls them, even though he worked and paid for them) anyhoo... this weekend was Regionals at Mae Simmons Park, in Lubbock, Texas and Scout ran a really good race even though he thought he did terrible - he forbade me from looking up his time
which I promptly did and even though I won't post it here - He did good.... really good - but the thing is - this is the best of the best and Scout was there among them. It's called perspective people!!  And for the record, Mr. Jerk-wad from Bushland, Texas placed 61st - which was far, far, far behind Scout.... - Karma babe - Karma.... anyhoo Scout has begun to think about Track and Baseball coming up, Shaw is already ready for school to be over with (yikes!) but is looking forward to baseball and Sager is running nearly every day, I sure hope the residents at the Old Folks Home across the street don't think I'm making Sager dress up in red from head to toe and run their back lot... maybe Sager will be the next running man.... ya never know... I know that some people may get tired of my ranting and raving about how fabulous my kids are but you know what - I DON'T CARE!!!! That's right - I don't care.  This is my blog - get your own if you don't want to listen to me!!!

Every day I see kids whose parents don't give a flying flip about them and so I'm not going to be one of them!!! (now let me clarify this... please don't think that I think my kids wouldn't ever mess up... As a parent, I  totally am right in the middle of the people who think their kids are perfect and those who don't even know where their kids are, I'm aware that Scout, Shaw and Sager could screw up at any moment and I also know that they could be totally ready to become what ever it is that they want to be - my children are not perfect - they're real and they're mine!!!)'s just a shameless plug.... here's a picture of my sweet sister and her boy Jackson, who is a baseball super-star - he's in the 7th grade!!!  Look how tall that sucker is!!!  I just love Jackson and can't wait until he's totally playing in the major leagues but only if he keeps going to strength and conditioning class.
 ... I'm just saying Jackson.... listen to your mummy and your mia mia!! Love him!!!!  

I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Open letter to Blue Bell Ice Cream Makers....

Dear Blue Bell Ice Cream Makers,

My name is Maria Hale and I am a devoted follower of all things Blue Bell.  While I have been a devoted follower for quite some time now, there's a few things that I need to talk to you about.  Why oh why must you be so delicious?  Why?  How do you expect me to come home from a long day of dealing with misfit junior high kids and need want to take just a few little bites of something wonderful and delicious to calm my soul?  Do you realize I get to work early and stay late and have to deal with CSCOPE?  Do you?  Do you know how horribly inappropriate it is to knock back a six pack of beer every day after leaving school?  Horribly. I mean really????  How would that look?   That's why I load my freezer with your delicious product. (Mainly the pints, cuz I have a little self esteem and how would that look to be sitting on the couch watching National Geographic eating straight from the gallon, (Shaw says get real you're watching Jersey Shore.... whatever Situation Shaw)   Let's take for example the pint that I just knocked back.  Caramel Kettle  Crunch.   The empty container claims that it is vanilla flavored  ice cream with caramel coated popcorn and caramel sauce.  Who comes up with this stuff?  I have eaten the WHOLE pint I tell ya!!! THE WHOLE PINT.... This whole time I have been blaming my soft and squishy (Sager's words not mine) body on kids (even though my youngest is 9....  I 'm just saying....) however, I think it's your fault Blue Bell.  I hate to say it but I'm going to have to change my ways.  I know you'll miss me but I can't go on like this... our affair is over (after I knock back the blackberry cobbler ice cream, two pints of homemade vanilla and the last mint chocolate chip...) I'll miss you.... maybe I'll see ya around...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hmmmmmm... what's up?

Well, let's see what's been going on?  This past week was very busy.  Scout ran on Thursday in Burkburnett, he placed 2nd.  Very nice... very nice... then Brandon and I went to Canyon to watch my dad get an award from WTAMU for being a distinguished alumni... very nice... very nice.... then on Friday, Scout traveled to Slayton with the mighty Bobcats who mightily got whooped... not nice.... not nice.... I sure wish they would win something, those kids need some mojo to help jump start some excitement in their playing.... I think it's going to take more than noodles to get them going.... Saturday we hung out at the pigs and visited with our friend Matt Burba.... very nice.... very nice... and then today, I spent most of the day up at school preparing for the week.... not nice... not nice.... I think everyone up at school needs to eat noodles to jump start them... things are very different this year with everyone.... there's like a negative vibe in the air and I know where my negativity stems from but it's different for everyone... it makes me sad that last year was so wonderful and this year I've tried googling team building exercises in hopes of changing the air at the school.  I don't know, maybe we need karaoke in the lounge on Wednesdays.... maybe 80's music???? hey... maybe I'm on to something.... I'll keep you posted.... oh don't forget.... Scout runs tomorrow so noodles for EVERYONE!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look at my new signature.... it's official - I'm a real blogger now!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


As many parents know, there are many, many milestones in your children's lives.  Today Scout reached one that I had hoped he never would reach.  Let's face it, I'm a realist.  I know that I have taught my children many lessons and whether or not they listen and take heed, I never know.  Let me set the stage for you.  It's a cool October Sunday (today) and I've been diligently doing laundry, dishes, took Sager to a costume party, made breakfast and dinner is in the crock pot.  Scout had come home from work early and was in his room listening to either Katy Perry or Cannibal Corpse - I never know which.   Anyhoo... I digress..... I walk into his room to ask him if he has any clothes that need to be washed.  He gets up from his desk and looks around.  Let's just say - it ain't pretty.  There are 10 pairs of running shoes, Gatorade bottles, running magazines, school backpack, dirty dishes, water bottles, his work clothes.... you get the picture.  So even with his loving and devoted mummy standing in the filth and funk, he does the unmentionable... I hate to even write about it but... I know that there are mothers in Uganda who have dealt with the crap that I'm about to see.  I know there are Aborigine mothers cringing that their sons do the same thing that I'm about to deal with..... Scout stands up.... bends down and picks up some shirt off the floor and.... and..... SMELLS IT!!!!! Oh my gosh.... all my years of mothering, teaching and guiding down the toilet.... but wait it gets worse... he throws it down and moves onto the next pile and smells it and says yeah... that's dirty... Can you believe it?  My heart is broken.  Where is that sweet little squared away boy that wiped his hands after every bite of breakfast at the day care???? He's gone I tell you  - gone..... 

The good ole' days when Scout listened to his mummy.

The only consolation is that he ran in Iowa Park this weekend and placed 2nd!!! Woo-Hoo!!!  He whittled his time down to 16:51.  That is super SWEET!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now this is scary!!!

Isn't he sooo scary??? I know not really.  I've had so many things that I wanted to blog about but I just can't decide anyhoo....  I asked Shaw what I should blog about and he said - blog about blogging... boring.... I have to say that I have several super funny stories in my head but I question whether or not I should tell them.  (You know my boss reads my blog... I'm just saying...)  

Did you know that I used to want to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader?  I did.  Those white zip up boots were the bomb!! In elementary school a lot of the girls wanted to be cheerleaders and marry Dallas Cowboy football players but here was my problem.  I was so embarrassed to admit to the other cheerleader wanna-be's that nobody watched football in my house.  I had no idea about anything remotely attached to a football game but I did know about the cheerleaders!  So I read the sports section of the Amarillo Sunday paper looking for a famous Dallas Cowboy to marry.  Well there wasn't a whole lot of pictures of famous footballers so the article that I read was all about Tony Dorsett.  Do you know who Tony Dorsett is? Well, he was this awesome running back from back in the day.   Well I promptly went back to school and told all the girls that I was going to grow up and marry Tony Dorsett.  (keep in mind this was 78, 79...)  They did kind of look at me crazy but I just thought it was because they didn't believe that I would actually marry him.  So I faithfully started reading the sports page to keep track of my man.  Then one day it happened - there was a picture of him.  He's black.  Did you know that?  Not me.  Not that's there's anything wrong with that but not a whole lot of interracial dating going on at St. Joseph's Catholic school.  So what's the moral of my story?  It's this.  If you want to be a trashy, big haired, white boot wearing hussy prancing on the sideline of a professional sporting event - Do It!! but don't do it to fit in because sometimes one lie leads to another and then another.  And everyone knows - I'm a bad, bad, bad liar!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a weekend....

We had a great weekend.  This weekend we watched Scout run a cross country race in Seymour Texas.  He shaved a minute off his time so I can totally tell that his hard work is really paying off.  Sometimes you can say hard work will pay off but sometimes you can't.  I know that there are kids who have a ton of talent  but are too lazy to go to practice and they still are rewarded with accolades and praise.  Boy does that hack me off.  I know that Scout has worked hard and that should be my main concern but when there are kids who get more recognition than athletes like Scout who go to every extra practice and stay late and get there early then it just makes me want to fire off a hate filled e-mail to the Athletic Director to make it right.  Make it fair.  But alas, Scout and Brandon have me on hate-filled email restriction so I'll just gripe a little and then get over it like I always do.  I know that there are so many more important things than who's the coaches favorite and who's riding the bench.  How do I know this?  Well because I sat with Sager and listened to him talk about trying to get someone to help him fight off a bully (to no avail) and I watched him root for Scout, screaming at him to hurry, run fast, COME ON BUBBA!!! 

I know this because I watched Scout run three miles in the heat,  by himself because he has no other teammates to encourage him and then when we got home, he got up the next morning and went to work.  No lounging in his pj's playing video games! 
I know because I watched Shaw ask his Daddy this morning if he could mow the lawn.  He told him - I know I can do it.  I also watched Shaw play with Sager at the parking lot across the street and when they came back, Shaw made sure Sager looked both ways before crossing the street.  How sweet is that?
 I also have thought of Leah Helm and her family in the fight for her husband's life and the enormity of how things can change in an instant.  In the blink of an eye.  Snap your fingers and it's gone.  How can that be?  It just is.  Boy.... that's what's important not that other stuff.  I'm going to lie in the bed in the fetal position... maybe Sager will bring me a snack.... honey... bring momma a cookie.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy oh boy....

Boy oh boy... what a week - what am I saying, what a couple of weeks!!!  School has started and we have just finished the first two weeks.  I love the schedule of school but we have started a new curriculum, CSCOPE, and it's killing me!!! This is my third year and I absolutely love, love, love my job (although I did have a small melt down Monday and a small amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth was involved but I stayed in my room so nobody saw the hideousness!!!!) but this year we've started the year out with some craziness.  At our Jr. high, literally to me, I feel like we're one big family.  Of course I would be the black sheep with my humor and love of interpretive dance! but I digress.... One of the sweetest teachers who teaches math, who taught my Ninja, her husband contracted the flesh eating bacteria and was air-flighted to Amarillo. He is a strong man with a ruddy west texas complexion, who farms and loves every minute of it.   It was a shock.  A total shock.  She is the personification of quiet strength.  At the end of the year last year when I was going on and on about how Scout let me down by making a B, she sent me the sweetest e-mail - from one momma to another and in it she said basically that there are more important things than making a B.  Those words have echoed in my ears.  Her family is in my constant prayers and in my thoughts.  She is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and yet there she is with quiet strength.  She has two daughters and a son and to me she is the best role model for love, strength, devotion, and courage.  If you're reading this.... take a few moments to contemplate what you would do if your life changed in an instance.  Would you be a role model or would you fold?  Take a moment to count your blessings.  I know I have.  Right now as I type, I'm watching TV with Shawlee Tamalee.  Last night I sat with Scout, who by the way, placed 5th in his first cross country race (out of 117 runners) (not too shabby!)we both had our laptops out, watching TV and just catching up.  How lucky I am to be blessed with such wonderful boys...  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bounty Hunter...

Here's Sager's best friends.... they just don't know it! (We actually
have this picture hanging on our refrigerator!)
Do you know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is?  Now some of my faithful followers know that I have already addressed this issue in a previous post.  (The five marriages, 14 kids, his wife's alias, his wife's big boobs, the mullets, TDC time for accessory to murder etc, etc.) But... believe it or not there are actually people who do NOT know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is. (The counselor at our school did not, I repeat, did not know who Dog the Bounty Hunter was....) (what's up with that????)  Anyhooo...... Today is Wednesday and Sager was unable to leave the house a) because he was sick, his head and ear were hurting and b) uh... Dog was coming on duh.... (yeah that's what I deal with.... feel sorry for me?  you should!!!!) 

Well I was talking to Sager and asked him just why in the world did he like Dog so much and you know what he said? He said that it was because everyone on the show had a special skill like door kicking in skills, pepper spray skills, talking on the phone and driving really fast skills. So I say well what is your special skill and he thought of it for a minute and said well even though I'm kinda mean sometimes I can be nice, I'm a pretty fast runner and I'm cool and awesome.  How about that? What do you think your special skill is?  Mine.... (Sager says well you're pretty - uh hello... I have a brain buddy!) I can tell a pretty good story and I love my kids. I guess if you're a mom, you don't really need any other skills except I would like the pepper spraying skills for special occasions... I'm just saying.

Let me know what your special skills are! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How long are you out when you faint?

Here's a little conversation between Sager and myself, it goes like this...

Sager - you know when someone rings the doorbell and you, well not YOU but like me goes and answers it and it's like a famous person.... kind of like.... oh, I don't know.... Taylor Swift.

Me - has that happened before?

Sager - no but I'm just saying....

Me - Oh, o.k. because I was just wondering if maybe I missed something...

Sager - well let's just say it happens... o.k.?... so Taylor Swift is at the door and you, well not you but me, answers it and you scream, you know not you but me...

Me - yeah I get it... not me...

Sager - yeah well when I answer the door and I scream and faint, what happens when you faint?

Me - Well - I've never fainted... so I don't know....

Sager - What happens when you faint? Is it like sleeping?

Me - yeah I guess so...

Sager - well let's just say that I fainted, how long are you out?

Me - I don't know - Is Taylor Swift coming over later?

Sager - I sure hope so!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sager's growing up....

Yesterday Sager went to a birthday party for some sweet little girls who were with him in the NICU when he was born premature. Abbie, Allison (and soon Sager) are 9 years old. I can't believe it's been 9 years since they were all born. Here are some pictures of Sager at their party. He just loves swimming!! After we got home, I worked on some laundry and I went into his room and he's sitting mesmerized in the middle of his room on his toy box. I asked him what he was watching and he took just a second and said this girl has been infected with Cryptosporidium. She got it from drinking contaminated water. Really? geesh! You gotta love Monster's inside me! Have you watched it? Sager is totally, totally mesmerized!! Maybe he'll be a scientist. Summer is ending soon.... we better get busy getting some things done!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Flip Off's.....

Yeah you read it right - It's Friday and I'm flippin' off everything that made me mad this week. I saw this on another blog and loved, loved, LOVED the idea of it.... hmmmmm where to get started?????

To all the people who wore the most inappropriate bathing suits at Hurricane Harbor - here's to you a full flip off!!! you wouldn't believe all the boobs, butts and guts that we were subjected to on Thursday - holy moly - and the old lady who stood at the lockers lotioning and oilying her 70 year body - I'm flipping you off with both hands because as you bent over to lotion up your legs - you flashed Brandon and I some of the scariest two things I've ever encountered.... **shudder**

To the freckles and age spots that came after we left Hurricane Harbor - boo-yah to you too!!! you're going to get a single flip off because part of it is my fault - I didn't wear sunscreen but that shouldn't matter - everyone knows that you look better with sun damage.....

To all the rain - yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that farmers love you but enough already..... I'm tired of the wetness..... flip -off!!

To teenagers - a behind the back, over the shoulder and up in the air FLIP-OFF!!!! I once went to a work shop that says teenagers are really only demons for three years - I'm currently testing this theory - you'll have to wait on my findings!!!

Now so that no one thinks that I'm nasty and negative - I have High-Five Friday for some fabulous things that happened this week!!!!

A High-Five goes out to Cook's Children's Hospital.... they had volunteers in the waiting room playing and coloring with the patients - how nice is that????

Another High-Five goes out to Dr. Scott Perry of said Cook's Hospital - a fire ball of knowledge and humor - he's our new pediatric neurologist - as we're visiting with him - Sager leans over and tells Brandon - I like this dude!!!

A High-Five of course to Sager for being so well behaved at Cook's Hospital - he had to get an EEG done and when the guy finished with the test, Sager stuck out his hand to shake and told the guy - thanks for everything - you were great - how mature is that?

A High-Five goes out to Scout for going and helping his Pawpaw go build fences in Gruver. Surly but sweet - I just love it when someone other than me has to feed Scout and share in my grocery pain!!! Ha!!!! (I really should high-five Scout because he is working at Heather's and working some at a local vineyard.... but I wouldn't want his head to get tooo big!)

and so no one will ever accuse me of being un fair - a HIGH-FIVE to Shawlee-tamalee, we are so blessed to have him - I just love that guy!!!

So there you go - Flip offs and High Fives for this week - who do you want to flip off or high-five???

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey you....

Well, I'm been having some trouble with blogger.... so I'm going to try to post some pictures and see what happens, I lost some stuff that I posted so I'm going to try just to post some pictures.... I hope everyone is good.... and having a great summer....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Can This be My Baby?

Here's a picture of Scout for my sister - do you see what I'm talking about?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a whole lot of nothing....

A whole lot of nothing is going on and that's what I like! This is the first week of summer and it's been great! well except that our pool has a leak in it and it's supposed to be 107 this Saturday.... there's something way wrong with that especially since Scout has a double header on Saturday. Speaking of Scout - he had to shave his "soul patch" on the second to last day of school so he gets the bright idea not to shave all summer... sadly his beard is growing quite nicely... no really it's a beard... the guys at summer work out have been calling him Castaway, wooly mammoth, a man - yeah a little weird - I can't wait until the first day of school when he walks in with a full and hairy beard (it'll be reminiscent of ZZ Top by then) and then they'll be wishing all they had to deal with was the soul patch!!

Baseball has been going good - Shaw's next game is the 7th, he and Sager actually have a golf tournament that same day but we're going to baseball it instead. We've been going to the range to hit golf balls and Sager's already started complaining about how hot it is - not so good...

Not much else has been going on - and that's ok!!! I hope everyone is having a great summer so far - I'll talk to you soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

whew!!!! it's almost over!!!

It's almost over - the school year that is.... today was our last day before semester tests and it was a long day.... one of my students threw a fit and acted horrible. We were going to have a great day - make marshmallow catapults and end the school year on a wonderful note. WRONG!!! I swear, it was just like an inmate who's scared to leave the unit - and after the whole thing was over and I had to talk to the counselor - no really I did - for my sake as well as on behalf of the student, that I realized this poor little darling is upset about leaving school for summer. How depressing is that? It is really depressing. This year has been filled with some "Oh Lord" moments but today took the cake. What do you say to a kid like that? I'm praying that the summer takes as long as possible and this kid doesn't want it to even begin. I need to re-charge. **** disclaimer***** I love, love, love my job. It's a little sick I know but I do I love it. I love everything on a whole, some things are horrible wretched and dismal but then my kids will do something and it makes it all worth while. I love the people I work with and for. I love that I'm not the only person who loves getting out for summer but when august swings around - they're just as excited to come back! Do you have big summer plans? Me, I'm working on my melanoma riddled tan. I'm going to make a couple of golf scrapbooks and haul my kids here and yonder and love every minute of it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Piano Studs....

Here's some pictures from the brothers yearly piano guild competition in Quanah, Texas. I just love to see them dressed up! (For a moment I forget all their wicked ways! Ha!!!) They've gotten so used to me taking their pictures - they're pretty good at hamming it up! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a Looonnnggg week!

This week has really crawled by. I mean crawled by like trying to crawl through the Mojave desert with no chap stick and no water (and a wedgie!). Boy has it been rough. This week has been filled with disappointment for Scout, tiredness for Sager (and a bruised thumb!) and Shaw's had to put up with a gripey mother - don't you feel sorry for him? You ought too!! I can't take disappointments. Not initially - once I have worked through it, I'm generally able to see the entire situation and I'm normally able to see the positive spin but not this week. I have struggled to see anything positive with Scout and his situation (a less than stellar grade) and I hate that. I know that he is a great kid but when he falls short, I feel like a failure. I know that there are mom's who for whatever reason don't have contact with their children and so I know that I am very blessed to have such good relationships with them but it's me - I'm being selfish. As soon as I gripe at Scout and Shaw and even Sager, I hate how I feel. There are soooo many things worse than a bad grade. I tell my sister all the time - I swear - I should have gotten chihuahuas instead of kids. I worry that Scout isn't trying hard enough but really I worry that I am not trying hard enough. So many parents aren't there for their children whether physically or emotionally, and I really worry that I have let my kids down. When will this child raising thing get easier? arghhhhhhh.....

I'll be ready to get this week over with and move on to another one and maybe, just maybe I'll get some mojo back until then just ignore me!!!!

On a positive note - just for my faithful readers.... I am incredibly blessed to have the coffee club at school so I start my day out laughing and in case I need a perk up - my lunch group gathers so that I can listen to them and they can listen to me and I can remember what's really going on... nothing but love! Hugs your chihuahuas!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Forgive me Father, I have sinned....

Yes, I have. I acted ridiculous at my son's little league game. I tried not to - I made it until the last few moments but I had to, I swear it Father. Please forgive me.....

Last night Shaw, poor sweet little Shaw, had his first little league game of the year. Unfortunately, we played the Little League team from Quanah, Texas. (After I type this, I may start to work on my tirade filled letter to the editor to be mailed to the Quanah, Texas newspaper, if they have one? who knows? anyhoo.... I digress.) This is the first year that these 4th graders have had to pitch so it's all a little new to them. I thought they played a really good game. They went back and forth with Quanah for the lead but they rallied and at one point were winning 10-5. Well we had some trouble with our pitching because of course 4th graders get tired after pitching 60 some odd pitches and we had run through all the kids who had practiced pitching and we were pulling from the ranks. Let me just say that these kids tried. They did and isn't that what we want? The Quanah adults sitting in the stand, berated and belittled and basically acted like fools through out the WHOLE game. I was shocked. Through out all of the years that Scout played, I just thought we saw some "enthusiastic" parents. Nah...., nah..... how these fools acted was shameful. They cheered and I mean cheered, celebrated, and acted out and out crazy over every little thing.... if our pitcher walked one of their kids - look out.... it was scandalous..... now don't get me wrong - I am prone to complain, fuss and possibly cuss under my breath about bad calls or whatever but not like this.

I made it until the last inning, the last play of the game when it happened, this enormous, rotund, fatty boom-ba-latty stood up and said - YEAH - WE GOT MORE HEART THAN YOU!!!!! What? What? Are you kidding me? They're little boys, kids, youngsters. LITTLE LEAGUE!!!!!! Obviously this woman is living vicariously through her child but come on. When was the last time she played catch with him? When was the last time she ran the bases? The only thing that she's running is her mouth.

So you know what I did..... I did it..... (I'm sorry Kyle Vannoy - he did look at me a little crazy when I began my tirade and really if he hadn't of been sitting there, I might have yelled some obscenities but in the back of my mind I thought hmmm..... probably better reign it in a little.....Kyle Vannoy - the voice of reason and restraint.) I yelled SHUUUUUUUTTTTTT UUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!! SSSSSHHHHUUUUTTTT UUUUUPPPPP, I even had spit coming out of my mouth.... it was hideous..... but that lard butt pushed me over the edge..... how dare she tell our kids that they don't have any heart? Does she even know our kids? Does she know what's going on in their lives? NNNNNNOOOOOOO - like my poor child - do you think it's easy to be sandwiched in between Scout and Sager? NNNNOOOOOOO, I myself had to jump his case this very same day after the bus driver said that he wouldn't wear his seat belt - so I did what every other mother would have done and waited for the bus to pull up and I immediately walked on the bus and embarrassed him and made him apologize to the bus driver.... no heart? How about having to put up with a lunatic mother like me? That boy's got a bigger heart than that woman's butt and that's big!!!!

So there you go - I've confessed my sins, (I even told my principal) so now all I have to do is a little penance and I'll be good - maybe 25 Hail Mary's and a couple of Our Fathers ought to do it..... and maybe buy Shaw a little prize....maybe.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I know, I know - long time no blog.....

On the way to school today - I totally thought of a funny idea for a post but now I just can't remember - that's what TAKS will do for you!! Sucks not only your energy but your brains as well! I guess I'll just catch everyone up on what's been happening.... Sager went on a field trip to Caprock Canyons while some of the older students were taking TAKS test at his school. He had a pretty good time
although he did tell his teacher he was going blind and he had to sit and drink a bunch of water while he cooled down.... (sounds like fun, doesn't it!) then they went to the lake and looked for shells and then they
had lunch and he was totally distraught that he had to throw away his leftovers which he had planned on bringing home (even thought he knew that he had to throw it away!) Mercy!

Shaw has been taking the TAKS - Math and Reading - he thinks he did pretty well... we'll see... (he did really well last year so I'm not too worried) he's also been getting ready for a piano competition and last but not least he's started little league up again. This year he will be pitching. It makes me so nervous. He does well but they always look so little up there on the mound - I can't stand it when the other team starts heckling! The other night they had a scrimmage and Shaw pitched pretty good so when we get home, he asks me where Sager and Daddy were (after Shaw finished with baseball he had group lessons for piano so Brandon had taken Sager fishing at the park) and I said fishing, so after a while I noticed that Shaw wasn't inside... I worried that he was upset over how he pitched or hit or something so I didn't say too much to him. Well when Brandon and Sager got home I told Brandon that Shaw was upset about something and I thought it was baseball so when Shaw came inside Brandon asked him why he was upset and Shaw starts crying (big ole' crocodile tears...) and says..... I.
... I.... wanted to go fishing too!!!! holy cow! I thought it was about baseball... oh well... so much for my maternal ESP!

I took Scout to get his learners permit to drive yesterday. Holy cow I practically had a melt down right there in the DPS office. I just am ill equipped for this parenting thing. When I think back when I was pregnant with Scout, I thought I was soo self assured - when I went into labor, I brought my Lamaze handbook so that I could review the breathing exercises prior to labor... I had told myself that all those other women who had complained about how awful labor was, were basically just sissies! I could do this - I mean after all women had been having babies in the fields, in the mountains, and in caves for centuries - nothing to it!!!! and then my water broke and basically it's been down hill with the ill-preparedness. As Scout and I were driving around yesterday, I just couldn't believe that the little baby that I brought home from the hospital is driving... 15 years it's been... 15.... I think about learning to drive with my granny and I just marvel at the difference in my life and in Scout's (and Shaw's and Sager's!) My granny was so patient and would say - you're going a little fast, you're going a little slow, don't take the curve (the one right before you get to the yellow house) too fast... (but we always did...)just calm and patient... so wonderful.... I wonder what she would think of ole' Scout, I'm sure he'd charm her, I know that she would love Shaw's sweet ways and Sager's ornery ways... I'm trying to be a calm, loving force in my children's lives... but that whole calm thing - not really working out for me...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Elvis. One name, no other one needed. Everyone knows Elvis. Sager even knows Elvis. Elvis died 23 years before Sager was even born but yet he knows who he is by sight and by sound. My friend Stephanie of Artist Diva blog posted a video of Elvis singing "I Can Dream." I just LOVE this song. Heck - I just love Elvis. I can remember listening to his records at my Granny's house, my sister and I would play Elvis records, Tom T Hall and others. My Granny loved Elvis. Who doesn't? If you don't, please don't tell me - I'd hate to stop being your friend. No really.... I would have to. Sorry but that's just how it goes. I was 5 when Elvis died but had I been born earlier I would have totally been one of the girls standing at the stage waiting for Elvis to wipe his sweaty head and then look at you (the most important part - the connection... I'm swooning just thinking about it.... Mercy!) and then throw the scarf to you. Then the girl (me) would scream and start crying and hyperventilating and have to be escorted out.... doesn't that sound delightful to you? It does to me.... Why Elvis? I don't know. He was a fabulous singer but kind of weird. I've read all kinds of books about him and Priscilla (Cilla). (I even had a pig named Elvis - he had a weight problem and kind of swaggered when he walked.... I loved him, his pen at the Ag farm was dubbed the Heartbreak hotel.) However, I digress. Elvis was a total mamma's boy who wanted to sing Gospel music but practically sold his soul to the devil (Colonel Parker) to be famous. He only wanted to marry a virgin but ran around with women of low morals if you know what I mean. (not that I'm judging them... since I would fight to the death for a sweaty scarf....) Why is that? I think that once people found out about Elvis the man they could see their self in him. Sure he probably had some self esteem issues - did you see him in the jump suits when he was fat... of course he had issues. Anyone who used that many jewels is trying to cover something up. But he was human with all the human frailties. I mean who hasn't tried frying a peanut butter and banana sandwich in a pound of butter late at night when no one is looking? I confess I tried it. It was pretty good. Which was your favorite Elvis? younger or older - I myself like the young Elvis but I think my favorite is the comeback special when he's in the black leather - mercy... I'm swooning again. Tell me what you think - Elvis or Beatles - young or old - jumpsuit or no.... but remember don't admit to not liking him because that would be weirdest of all!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm TIRED!!!!!

No, really I am.... here are just a few things that I'm tired of:

I'm tired of not being able to sleep 12 hours and wake up when I want to!!!
I'm tired of being able to sleep 12 hours but can't because my internal clock goes off at 5:00 a.m.! (this is what officially makes me an adult - when you get up with out the alarm clock!)
I'm tired of having to wait up for Scout to come home from ____________.(fill in the blank - baseball, track, cross county, school trip, being out with friends)
I'm tired of Scout getting so old and not wanting to stay home with his momma and read books in the chair.
I'm tired of Scout's teenager ways.
I'm tired of Sager's teenager ways (and he's not even a teenager!)
I'm tired of Shaw's getting tired of Sager and Scout.
I'm tired of Shaw beginning to hint at growing up. (Where's that sweet little boy? The one in his place wears dumb ole under armour cuz it's cool and pees on the seat cuz he's too lazy to lift the lid and leaves his dirty clothes on the floor - just like some other kid in my house who will remain nameless - Scout!)
I'm tired of getting old.
I'm tired of getting plumpy. (that's what Sager calls it - plumpy, plumpish, squishy - nice.....)
I'm tired of not knowing all the answers to how to raise sweet boys who grow up to respect their mommas and I worry that they'll end up in jail or robbing banks!)
I"m tired of not being able to stop time so that my babies will stay babies forever.
I'm tired of knowing that I'm going to miss all the tiredness.

What are you tired of? Let me know.... but keep it short because I'm tired of reading!!! (not really!)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Running Man Ninja Style

Scout has been working on a GT project. When he completes it, and I guess if it's good enough then he will get to go see the bodies exhibit in Dallas, Texas. It's where an artist has taken dead bodies and preserved them and then displayed them. It sounds a little creepy but it really is something. Anyhoo, I watched Scout's movie and ...... I didn't like it. Now don't get me wrong, he has made some really good and funny movies. This just isn't one of them. So I told him I could make a better movie than that. So he said - do it then. So here it is.... maybe - if I can get it to post! Ha!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boo Hoo... Spring Break's almost over!!!

This spring break has flown by.... I started my spring break one day early and my sister and I flew to Houston to help take care of my Dad after his surgery.  Not that I'm glad that he had to have surgery but we had a really good time.  It was good to spend time with my sister and her girls, we laughed a bunch - I mean a bunch!  My sister and Jaelie went to the Children's museum and Jamison and I went to Galveston and saw the ocean for the very first time - isn't that sad - the first time I've ever seen the ocean and I'm old!  Here's some pics...

Here's Jamison helping feed her sister Jaeli.  Aren't they sweet?  

Here's Jamison and the little girls... Elena and Anna.  They are my brother, Michael's, little girls.  They are super sweet and super cute.  They are always wearing these little dresses.  (No little sweet dresses in my house!!!) Look at the ocean!
Here's Rice University... maybe one day Scout will run track there... you never know!