Wednesday, May 26, 2010

whew!!!! it's almost over!!!

It's almost over - the school year that is.... today was our last day before semester tests and it was a long day.... one of my students threw a fit and acted horrible. We were going to have a great day - make marshmallow catapults and end the school year on a wonderful note. WRONG!!! I swear, it was just like an inmate who's scared to leave the unit - and after the whole thing was over and I had to talk to the counselor - no really I did - for my sake as well as on behalf of the student, that I realized this poor little darling is upset about leaving school for summer. How depressing is that? It is really depressing. This year has been filled with some "Oh Lord" moments but today took the cake. What do you say to a kid like that? I'm praying that the summer takes as long as possible and this kid doesn't want it to even begin. I need to re-charge. **** disclaimer***** I love, love, love my job. It's a little sick I know but I do I love it. I love everything on a whole, some things are horrible wretched and dismal but then my kids will do something and it makes it all worth while. I love the people I work with and for. I love that I'm not the only person who loves getting out for summer but when august swings around - they're just as excited to come back! Do you have big summer plans? Me, I'm working on my melanoma riddled tan. I'm going to make a couple of golf scrapbooks and haul my kids here and yonder and love every minute of it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Piano Studs....

Here's some pictures from the brothers yearly piano guild competition in Quanah, Texas. I just love to see them dressed up! (For a moment I forget all their wicked ways! Ha!!!) They've gotten so used to me taking their pictures - they're pretty good at hamming it up! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a Looonnnggg week!

This week has really crawled by. I mean crawled by like trying to crawl through the Mojave desert with no chap stick and no water (and a wedgie!). Boy has it been rough. This week has been filled with disappointment for Scout, tiredness for Sager (and a bruised thumb!) and Shaw's had to put up with a gripey mother - don't you feel sorry for him? You ought too!! I can't take disappointments. Not initially - once I have worked through it, I'm generally able to see the entire situation and I'm normally able to see the positive spin but not this week. I have struggled to see anything positive with Scout and his situation (a less than stellar grade) and I hate that. I know that he is a great kid but when he falls short, I feel like a failure. I know that there are mom's who for whatever reason don't have contact with their children and so I know that I am very blessed to have such good relationships with them but it's me - I'm being selfish. As soon as I gripe at Scout and Shaw and even Sager, I hate how I feel. There are soooo many things worse than a bad grade. I tell my sister all the time - I swear - I should have gotten chihuahuas instead of kids. I worry that Scout isn't trying hard enough but really I worry that I am not trying hard enough. So many parents aren't there for their children whether physically or emotionally, and I really worry that I have let my kids down. When will this child raising thing get easier? arghhhhhhh.....

I'll be ready to get this week over with and move on to another one and maybe, just maybe I'll get some mojo back until then just ignore me!!!!

On a positive note - just for my faithful readers.... I am incredibly blessed to have the coffee club at school so I start my day out laughing and in case I need a perk up - my lunch group gathers so that I can listen to them and they can listen to me and I can remember what's really going on... nothing but love! Hugs your chihuahuas!