Monday, October 18, 2010

Open letter to Blue Bell Ice Cream Makers....

Dear Blue Bell Ice Cream Makers,

My name is Maria Hale and I am a devoted follower of all things Blue Bell.  While I have been a devoted follower for quite some time now, there's a few things that I need to talk to you about.  Why oh why must you be so delicious?  Why?  How do you expect me to come home from a long day of dealing with misfit junior high kids and need want to take just a few little bites of something wonderful and delicious to calm my soul?  Do you realize I get to work early and stay late and have to deal with CSCOPE?  Do you?  Do you know how horribly inappropriate it is to knock back a six pack of beer every day after leaving school?  Horribly. I mean really????  How would that look?   That's why I load my freezer with your delicious product. (Mainly the pints, cuz I have a little self esteem and how would that look to be sitting on the couch watching National Geographic eating straight from the gallon, (Shaw says get real you're watching Jersey Shore.... whatever Situation Shaw)   Let's take for example the pint that I just knocked back.  Caramel Kettle  Crunch.   The empty container claims that it is vanilla flavored  ice cream with caramel coated popcorn and caramel sauce.  Who comes up with this stuff?  I have eaten the WHOLE pint I tell ya!!! THE WHOLE PINT.... This whole time I have been blaming my soft and squishy (Sager's words not mine) body on kids (even though my youngest is 9....  I 'm just saying....) however, I think it's your fault Blue Bell.  I hate to say it but I'm going to have to change my ways.  I know you'll miss me but I can't go on like this... our affair is over (after I knock back the blackberry cobbler ice cream, two pints of homemade vanilla and the last mint chocolate chip...) I'll miss you.... maybe I'll see ya around...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hmmmmmm... what's up?

Well, let's see what's been going on?  This past week was very busy.  Scout ran on Thursday in Burkburnett, he placed 2nd.  Very nice... very nice... then Brandon and I went to Canyon to watch my dad get an award from WTAMU for being a distinguished alumni... very nice... very nice.... then on Friday, Scout traveled to Slayton with the mighty Bobcats who mightily got whooped... not nice.... not nice.... I sure wish they would win something, those kids need some mojo to help jump start some excitement in their playing.... I think it's going to take more than noodles to get them going.... Saturday we hung out at the pigs and visited with our friend Matt Burba.... very nice.... very nice... and then today, I spent most of the day up at school preparing for the week.... not nice... not nice.... I think everyone up at school needs to eat noodles to jump start them... things are very different this year with everyone.... there's like a negative vibe in the air and I know where my negativity stems from but it's different for everyone... it makes me sad that last year was so wonderful and this year I've tried googling team building exercises in hopes of changing the air at the school.  I don't know, maybe we need karaoke in the lounge on Wednesdays.... maybe 80's music???? hey... maybe I'm on to something.... I'll keep you posted.... oh don't forget.... Scout runs tomorrow so noodles for EVERYONE!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look at my new signature.... it's official - I'm a real blogger now!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


As many parents know, there are many, many milestones in your children's lives.  Today Scout reached one that I had hoped he never would reach.  Let's face it, I'm a realist.  I know that I have taught my children many lessons and whether or not they listen and take heed, I never know.  Let me set the stage for you.  It's a cool October Sunday (today) and I've been diligently doing laundry, dishes, took Sager to a costume party, made breakfast and dinner is in the crock pot.  Scout had come home from work early and was in his room listening to either Katy Perry or Cannibal Corpse - I never know which.   Anyhoo... I digress..... I walk into his room to ask him if he has any clothes that need to be washed.  He gets up from his desk and looks around.  Let's just say - it ain't pretty.  There are 10 pairs of running shoes, Gatorade bottles, running magazines, school backpack, dirty dishes, water bottles, his work clothes.... you get the picture.  So even with his loving and devoted mummy standing in the filth and funk, he does the unmentionable... I hate to even write about it but... I know that there are mothers in Uganda who have dealt with the crap that I'm about to see.  I know there are Aborigine mothers cringing that their sons do the same thing that I'm about to deal with..... Scout stands up.... bends down and picks up some shirt off the floor and.... and..... SMELLS IT!!!!! Oh my gosh.... all my years of mothering, teaching and guiding down the toilet.... but wait it gets worse... he throws it down and moves onto the next pile and smells it and says yeah... that's dirty... Can you believe it?  My heart is broken.  Where is that sweet little squared away boy that wiped his hands after every bite of breakfast at the day care???? He's gone I tell you  - gone..... 

The good ole' days when Scout listened to his mummy.

The only consolation is that he ran in Iowa Park this weekend and placed 2nd!!! Woo-Hoo!!!  He whittled his time down to 16:51.  That is super SWEET!!!!