Friday, July 31, 2009

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou?

I can not believe I have not shown you pictures of our new friend.  Shaw will be showing him at the Tri-State Fair in September.  Whenever we were deciding what to name him, Sager said what about Lady (uh Sager it's a boy...) Brandon said His name is Romeo.  Just look at your momma, she's got a sparkle in her eyes for that boy!!! Isn't he hysterical?! Romeo it is!!!  Poor Shaw was so worried about Romeo the other night in the storm, we had to check on him first thing in the morning!!

I'm a bad poster!!!

It's been a little while since I posted... bad blogger, bad blogger!!

Here are some pictures from the Old Settler's parade a while ago.  The boys always love the parade - I guess it's the free candy!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miscellaneous Pictures...

Here are some pictures from Lake Kemp - I'm ready to go again!!  I'm really going to be sad when summer is over. Aren't you?

Nerd Alert...

Unless you're a Harry Potter nerd don't bother reading this post!!!!

Yesterday the boys and I went to Altus to do a little bit of shopping, get our pool water tested and see a movie.  We saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  This was quite possibly the BEST movie I have ever seen but let me clarify that I am a total Harry Potter nerd and that possibly could be why it was the BEST movie I have ever seen!!!!!  It was a little scary, totally suspenseful, and at the end I was sobbing, and  mid sob the movie stopped!! I thought I was going to get in a fight, I was like - What's really going on??!!! (It was literally the last 5-7 minutes of the film!!!)  Scout was like - you better calm down!!! Luckily they started it back up and I was able to resume my sobbing!!

After the movie we went to Braum's and ate and had ice cream!  We totally had the best time!!! 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've been flocked!!!!

This afternoon the door bell rang and lo and behold it was our friend Chelsea Champbell!!  Chelsea is going to state  for softball! She's such a good girl!! How much fun is it going to be at state? FUN!!!!  They are trying to raise money to go to state so she had placed a pink flamingo in our yard.  You had to pay to get rid of it, pay to get rid of it and have it put in someone else's yard or even more money to have it never return! We sent it to Holly's house!! Your welcome Marshall - it's for a good cause!!!

Good luck Chelsea!!! We're cheering for you!!!

Summer fun...

Man - is it hot enough for you? I'm just a tad bit tired of the heat.  Thank goodness for the lake and for the pool.  Let's see... what's been going on?  My sister and her family brought their new boat out to Lake Kemp for a test run.  We had so much fun!  It's always good to spend time with them.  They brought little Jaeli girl and she is such a sweet baby!  I mean she only cried like one time!!  

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here are some pictures and videos from today.  Shaw and Scout played at the Methodist Church for a little luncheon that they have, I think monthly.  The boys played along with two other brothers - the Vannoy boys, Alex and Aric (their mom Melissa is a mom after my own heart - she has three boys too! )  The boys' music teacher - Mr. Monson played as well.  The lunch was lovely.  Someone had brought a lime green jello salad (I think it's made with  lime jello, cool whip, and maybe crushed pineapples.)  Scout of course got a little of it (I think he got a little of everything at least once.  Those little old ladies were like - honey I know you aren't full yet - go get you something else to eat and of course Scout obliged) and he had me taste it.  I was flooded with memories.  My Granny used to make different jello salads and I swear she had fixed a salad just like this except  I think she used to add pecans.  It was really a blast from the past!!!  It's so funny how the weirdest things can remind you of something.  

Speaking of nostalgia... When I went to Amarillo the other day to take my test, I went with my sister to pick up Jamison from dance camp at the Lone Star Ballet.  My sister is trying to get Jamison to not blend into all the other girls, you know kind of stand out so she will get picked for more dance roles and so I asked Jamison about wearing some pretty and BIG hair bows.  She tells me - oh Mia, you're  soooooo 80's!!!  I told her you got that right!!!

Sorry about the video of Scout I thought that I could flip the video but I can't figure out how to do it!!!

How's your summer going?

I sure hope everyone's summer is going good.  We've had a pretty good and relaxing summer so far.  We've swam alot, slept in, stayed up late, had to get up early, played baseball, played golf, gone to the lake, gone to Amarillo for doctor's appointments, visited with family and I have even gone to some Stampin' Up stuff!   

We've finished up baseball.  Scout had a pretty good time at the Ranger's game and at Hurricane Harbor.  I won't even get into the drama that was his baseball team this year! Let's just say I am glad it is over with!!!

We've finished up with golf.  Sager learned alot and had a pretty good first year.  Shaw was definitely a stand out this summer!  He placed second at the last tournament and ended up tied for 3rd for the year!  He loves playing golf and he doesn't even mind getting up to go practice!  Shaw set a very good example for Sager.  Shaw was a very good sport and had very good manners while he was on the course (notice how I had to clarify that!!!).  My kids know that I don't like to be the biggest hillbilly at any given place so they know they better act right or else!!!  I am so proud of all of them!  I really am so blessed to be the mom of such wonderful kids!!!

Here are some pictures from the last tournament in Memphis.  Don't think I'm a bad mom but I had to leave early to take a test in Amarillo so I didn't get any pictures of Shaw.  I walked with Sager and Scout (Scout was the caddy).  Shaw had to play in a different group because he had points and Sager didn't.  I definitely made it up to Shaw though - we celebrated Shaw when I got home with a big cookie from Great American Cookie Co. and a new Star Wars toy!  Sometimes it's good to be celebrated for you and not having to be in one of the other brother's shadow! Middle children - you know what I mean!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

OK! One more post!!!

On Monday, my little brother drove down to Childress to visit all of us!  We haven't seen Uncle Blue for a long time.  He finally came back home about two or three weeks ago and we saw him for a few hours at my sister's house in Amarillo.  This time he and Samuel stayed the night with us in Childress and we were able to really visit!  The brothers had so much fun with Samuel.  They were really sad to see them leave.   Hopefully they'll come back before too much longer!!!

I hope no one is tired of golf pics!!!!

I'm posting another post because I can not have the dead kitty post at the top of the page!!! Sager and Shaw played golf at Wellington this past Monday and they both shot a 23!! (So in other words - Sager is ecstatic and Shaw is sullen!!)  We had a rain/lightning  delay and then once we resumed play - it started raining and rained steady the last two holes that we played!!! 

Don't bring it up....

Sager's kitty has died.  I found him this morning.  When Sager woke up, I was folding clothes in the laundry room and Sager came in there and looked in the basket and asked Where's Mr. Super boots? (Don't even ask about the name! I have no idea where it came from!) I just looked at him and he looked back at me and collapsed on the floor crying and wailing!!!  It was heart breaking.  I have learned my lesson - when someone asks me to take care of an abandoned animal I'll say - no thank you.  Poor Sager!!