Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Lake Kemp pictures!

What a great weekend!

This weekend we went to Lake Kemp to celebrate Suzanne's birthday.  As most of you know my name is Maria and I am addicted to the SUN!!!!! 
I love it! I do! I am a self professed sun worshipper.  I know the ramifications, melanoma, cancer, age spots... the list goes on and on but I firmly believe that everyone looks better with a little skin damage.  So of course my main goal this weekend besides celebrating Nana and her day of birth was to get me a rockin' tan!  Let's just say the weekend was a complete success!!!

We ate some delicious food, rib-eyes, french fries, onion rings, baked squash, these onions that could be baked or grilled (you put a thick slice of onion in foil and slather it with seasonings and buttah! and then either stick it on the grill or in the oven. De-lish!!!)  Scout really liked the onions.   Then before everyone left Nana opened her present and we had chocolate desert that Scout and I called Michael Jackson desert in homage to the now deceased King of Pop.  It was a chocolate layer on top of a cream cheese layer on top of a crust and topped off with cool-whip! Mason said he wasn't sure if he liked the MJ desert or banana pudding better - we would need to have both at the same time to have a taste test! Mason - I'm with ya!!!  Anyhoo - the weekend was so fun, I've posted some pictures of Marshall fixing Nana's readers - Marshall says that you can fix anything with duct tape and zip ties!  I hope everyone had a good and relaxing weekend! 

On a side note - the kitty is still alive.  We even took him to the lake and even he must have had a great time!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This can't be good....

On Tuesday night the boys and I were at  Scout's baseball game.  It was a double header, it was hot, he didn't play that good and the little boys were covered in dirt from playing on a dirt pile, in other words it was a lonnnnnnnggggggg night!! (As Sager says I have crumbs in my boody!)  Anyhoo, it was about 10:15 and Brandon's cousin and her little girl drive up and proceed to ask me in front of Sager and Shaw if I can help take care of a kitty that the momma cat dropped off in their backyard, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, long story short - I left the game, went to Walmart, got some milk and now I am the surrogate mother of a 2 day old kitty (who still had the umbilical cord attached, eyes closed etc,)  However, Sager says that if I help this cat live he will reward me with a dollar.  (Isn't that nice, round the clock care for $1!!!) I told the brothers that kitties really, really, really,  need their mom's and that he would probably die. (Don't think I'm mean, it's called reality!) So here we are on day 3 and the kitty is still alive - he's woogily but he's alive.  I guess that's all that matters for right now!  Sager - where's that dollar?????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even more golf...

Here are the pics from the boys' tournament at the Childress Country Club.  Shaw shot a 22 and Sager shot a 28.  They both did really, really good.  It was soooooo hot!!! Scout went with us to help caddy for Sager.  Scout was really sweet and I think was surprised at how well Shaw is playing.  At the end of the tournament Scout told Shaw how proud he was of Shaw. How nice is that!! Shaw ended up in a chip-off for 4th.  Thank goodness I had taken the boys to practice at the driving range and at the ole' puttin green!  It totally paid off because Shaw won the chip off!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More golf pictures...

Golf Update....

Shaw and Sager's first golf tournament was in Quanah and we had the best time.  Sager did very well - he didn't complain too much and he even pulled his clubs almost until the last hole! I was so proud - now Shaw-lee-tamale did very, very good!  He scored a 23 and ended up in a chip off for fourth.  His nerves got the best of him and the other kid (who is a very good little golfer!) beat him by a stroke!  But don't get me wrong Shaw did great.  This is only his second year to play.  The next tournament was in Shamrock and Sager didn't play but he did go along for the snacks.  Yes, you read that right, Sager was up at 5:30 a.m. ready and I asked him Don't you want to play? and he said no, that's OK, I'll just ride in the cart and have snacks.  (What does that tell you about my kids?  I don't know? but it's definitely something!!)  We played with Morgan and he kept us laughing the whole time - Crocodile Dundee as I like to call him found a dead bird, some caterpillars, a turtle,  and a hare! I'm not lying, he cracked me up!  Shaw played even better at Shamrock, he scored a 19 and ended up placing third!  I am so excited that he has found something that he really enjoys and something that he doesn't have to compete with Scout (you know it's hard being that middle child!).  

Well today is Father's Day and I hope everyone has celebrated their Dad - I sent mine a card (of course I made it - it was pretty cute if I do say so myself!) and I'll call him later.  Shaw and Brandon golfed in a Father - Son scramble and Shaw did play pretty awesome - oh and I guess Brandon did all right as well (ha-ha - just kidding - he played great!)  Scout mowed the lawn for Brandon and we got him some golf clothes and Sager got him a Bass shirt!

Well tomorrow is the Childress tournament and I'll post some pictures!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On my mind...

I'm sitting outside while Shaw and Sager are swimming.  Scout's in Altus playing baseball (I hope he's feeling all right!) The sun hasn't completely set but it's nice and cool and it's feels so lovely!  As most of you know from a few posts ago, my brother is getting out of the Marines and he and his family are trying to decide what path they are to take.  I can only imagine having to start all over again and try to decide what is best for their family.  My sister and I, luckily have such predictable lives, it really makes me feel so blessed that our families are in such  good places.  My sister really is my bestest friend.  Growing up she was totally the mother and we butted heads all the time.  But that was a long time ago!  Her husband Shawn is hysterical.  He's a cop (which is weird because he's probably the wildest guy I know!)  They have three amazing kids, Jackson, Jamison and the newest Jaeli.  They are totally devoted to their kids and put them above everything else.  When we were growing up, our parents didn't really participate in traditional ways,  so to both of us, going to school functions, games, recitals etc is really, really important to show that support.  I guess with the upheaval that is going on in my brother's life, I makes me contemplative and I feel that I should put it out into the world how blessed I am to have such a good sister.  She has always been there through thick and thin (literally and figuratively!!!) My dad always preaches the idea of how important family is and about how if he were to ever go to war and have to fight from a fox hole, he would want Sarah and me to be fighting beside him (he says it's because were so mean and tough but I think it's because we're such lovely company!! )  Anyhoo... Sarah - thank you for being such a good sister! I love you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here's some golf pictures from last year...

It's a good thing I already finished Shaw's golf scrapbook!  I'm going to have a whole lot of pictures to scrap after this golf season!!!

Getting ready for golf...

Tomorrow is the beginning of Greenbelt golf for Shaw and  Sager.  Shaw played last year and so he's an old pro.  This is Sager's first year.  I hope that everything goes good for Sager.  He is totally excited.  He has his action hat ready  and his clothes and his clubs.  This is Sager's first OFFICIAL sporting event.  He's never played little league, no soccer, no flag football nothing... He has high hopes and that worries me.  He has to carry his own clubs, walk the holes (no carts) and can't get any advice from his momma (we'll see about that...) Shaw's already told me - I'll do good for you tomorrow momma - how sweet is that!!! I'll post about it when we get back - Wish us luck!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More pictures of the cousins...

Scout, Samuel, Jamison, Shaw and Sager,

Jackson and Shaw playing X-Box....

and the newest cousin...

Well, well, well, look who we found...

Well, my brother Blue has returned from the military.  He is getting out of the Marines and he surprised us with a visit.  His wife Shyla was visiting friends and Blue and his baby came to town.  It was the first time that Brandon and I and our kids had seen baby Samuel.  He's pretty cute.  All of the cousins acted sooooo good.  They were very glad to see Blue - it's been over three years since they've seen him and all of the cousins are very, very found of Blue.  We were watching Jamison and Sager and Samuel play Wii and Sager turns to Blue and says - I'm just so glad that you're back!!!  
Sager - we all agree with you!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back at home...

Well I'm finally back at home after being gone for three days.  I went to some training for school in Amarillo.  The training was pretty good and I actually learned some things that I can totally use in my classroom here in Childress.  While I was up there I stayed with my dad and ChaCha.  It's always so good to see them but I really like sleeping in my own bed!  Also while I was there, I went and visited my sister, Shawn and their kids.  Jackson (who totally has already grown since the last time I saw him!) was busy with baseball and size 13 cleats!!! and Jaeli who is I guess is about a month and a half old (?) was so precious but the one who I had the most fun with was my girl Jamison.  She was so charming and delightful.  She asked me for stories from when her mama and I were little girls - so you know me - I love telling (or even reading!) a good story so I regaled her with stories for quite a while, and she still wanted more!!  Jamison - I love you!!! 

On another note - I left all my clothes in my kitchen where I ironed them so I just had to go to my favorite - Target!  I sure wish Childress had a Target! how fabulous would that be!!!  Part of me really misses living in Amarillo with all the hustle and bustle but some things, like all the traffic and people - I don't really miss that!!  

Alas - I'm off to do laundry! - Jamison where are you? I need some clothes sorted!!!!