Saturday, September 26, 2009

What to say...

Well hello there, how are you? I'm good. I just haven't been a very good blogger lately. I've been a little busy - no more than the usual but I just haven't felt like writing. To tell you the truth, I have too much to write about and sometimes it's difficult to decide on just one thing. I have a bunch of stuff to do but I'm a little unmotivated. I did get the pig pen cleaned out so we're ready to get Shaw's new show pig and I did get almost all of the laundry done. Some dishes were done, and Scout cleaned the boys bathroom. So I should be motivated to do something but alas I'm not. I need to go to school to work on some things but I think I'll do that tomorrow.

Let me see... what can I regale you with, some witty stories perhaps, hmmmmmm.... I just don't know.... ok here's one - my sister calls me and tells me about how she went down to my dad's office and his secretary hands her a birthday card and says Happy Birthday!!! and Sarah (my sister) says thanks but my birthday was in July. It was hysterical especially since it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!! My dad's secretary said well can you put it in another envelope and give it to your sister?! too funny. My sister said oh no, Maria will totally get a kick out of this! She asked my dad's secretary - does it have money in it? So Sarah said that she left the money in there and she's going to mail it to me - I'll let you know if she left the money in there or not!!!

My dad is kind of a dork! He has soo many things in his head, I totally don't sweat the small stuff like him forgetting whose birthday it is. One time when we were younger, he took my brother and I to school and then he took my sister to school - the wrong school - he took her to the elementary instead of the jr. high! Now that is funny!! Because you know in his mind she's still a little girl and in her mind she's so grown up!

I hope that everyone has a great week and hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

We're packing our bags and getting ready to go to the pig show in Tri-State Fair in Amarillo. I just am soooo excited!!! I love everything about going to the livestock show. I love that Shaw and I have worked together so that he can show his pig in Amarillo. I loved showing animals. My sister got us started - she signed up for an Ag class in high school and showed a lamb. Somehow she hooked me into helping and I think I even ended up helping to clip it on the day before the show - maybe because she was over snogging with her boyfriend!!! Shout out to Shawn!!! I don't think that she did very good but we had a good time.

I've showed lambs, pigs, and steers. I loved everything about showing. I love watching the kids get their animals ready with the parents hovering close. I love watching their serious faces as they try hard to prove their animal is better than the next kid's. My little brother won a showmanship buckle for showing his pig and of course he never even said thank you to my sister and I for giving him all of our showing advice!!! Ha! We were on the outside of the ring as he was showing and he was on the inside ignoring us! Doesn't he know that that's what older sisters are supposed to do? I've talked Sager into showing some chickens and Scout too! Shaw's the only one whose going to show a pig. I think the others are too scared!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget to be nice!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Operation Nice

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, it's nice and cool with a little bit of rain. I just love it!

The other day I stumbled across this website : . I hope that if you have a chance, you ought to click on over. I have really been noticing nice people and not so nice people. You ought to try paying attention to whose who are nice and who isn't. It really doesn't take very much to be nice. I'm not talking fake nice. I mean just nice. This website is all about being nice. Can it get any better than a little bit of niceness? I don't think so. It doesn't have to be a big thing just a little something. I think I noticed how nice my kids are being in school and it got me to thinking. Why were they so ornery in the past but now they are being pretty darn good? I don't know but I like it! So try to do something (just a little something) nice and let me know how it goes!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Lucky Day....

What a day! This could be my luckiest day in a while. We were supposed to go to the lake this weekend but Brandon and I decided not to go. He spent Saturday and Sunday riding his new horse and I stayed at the house and got caught up on my chores! While that doesn't sound all that fun, I feel so much better knowing that my house is situated! This weekend wasn't all work and no fun, I went to the golf course with Shaw and Sager, and Scout and I baked some banana bread, (I did the cooking and he did the eating!!) and then I went and visited with some of my teacher friends on Sunday evening. (Brandon had cooked out for the boys and had cleaned the kitchen by the time I got home!) I had a blast laughing and just hanging out. Today I found my camera that I thought was at the lake, I found my other brown flip flop that I had been searching for for like a month and I also found my favorite black Land's End polo shirt that I have been missing since this summer! How lucky is that!?!

I also found Scout's results for his first cross country track meet! I tell ya I'm lucky!!! Scout's first meet was quite the disappointment for him. He really wasn't as prepared as he should have been. Although it wasn't his fault, if your coach has you run a 2.2 mile run at practice and your meet run is 3 miles - it's not your fault. I'm trying to be positive for him but man it's HARD!!! He wants to do better and I'm all for that! Anyway after searching for a little while on the internet, I found that he finished 38th out of 95 kids! That's not bad! He finished first out of the Childress kids (he just barely beat the kid that he runs with! like 2 seconds!)

I'll be anxious to see how he does at the next meet! Wish him luck everyone! I hope tomorrow is as lucky for you as today was for me!!