Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, Brandon asked me why I hadn't blogged in a while and to tell you the truth, I've just been blah!  I really want to go out to my scrap shack and stamp but it's really cold out there!!!!  So I've washed all the sheets, towels, socks - you name it I've washed it!  I'm contemplating what to fix for supper and I have baby shower invites to finish up (I've brought those in the house where it's warm!!!) but I'm thinking that's not really blog worthy.   My kids are drooling on their Wii's, DS's and play station so not alot of excitement there... we did have a really wonderful time at my sister's in Amarillo for Christmas day.  Shawn, Sarah, the baby and I all watched some movie on TV and stayed up past midnight!!! I can not tell you the last time I was up and awake at midnight but it was too fun!  Shawn had started a fire - I wonder why he didn't let me start it? I don't know.... Sarah and I visited and Jaeli refused to go to bed.  The cousins played video games which sounds awful but they have the best time trash talking and just hanging out.  

The snow's coming down... boo hoo - I'm tired of dirty shoes.  I know that sounds weird but when it's wet or snowy, the shoes pile up by the front door because every one takes them off as soon as they get inside so I have to look at a pile of dirty shoes every time I go into the living room! Gross!

Oh ok, here's something...  Sager burned his face on a flamin' marshmallow, we don't know exactly how he did it, but he did!  He was over at Aunt Holly's and she was trying to show him a good time and so that means fire and fire means marshmallows!  Sager leaned in close to blow out the flamin' mallow and somehow he burned his cheek and his nose!  I hated to say I told you so to Sager but I said it.... I can not count the number of times I've told him to be careful with flamin' mallows!!!

well it's not much of a post but it's something.... we'll visit later!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving...

Here is my sweet little niece Jaeli.  Scout took this picture of her at thanksgiving at my Uncle Tom and Aunt Quetha's house.  All of the kids were there with their kids.  My brother Blue even made an appearance with his family.  Isn't Jaeli the sweetest?  Spoiled rotten - just the way she should be.

Now look at this little dumpling... I like him... he looks like he's about to do something... maybe something ornery... he's cute too... Hey Samuel when you coming to visit?

Sager just loves Samuel... I'm not quite sure if the love is reciprocated (ha!) maybe one day Samuel will understand what a nice cousin Sager is.  (Sager looks so big in this picture...)

Jamison came back to Childress with us after Thanksgiving.  We had the best time with her.  Notice the puppy in her arms.  Jamison acted like Paris Hilton the whole weekend - she carried that dog everywhere she went.    I tried to get her to put it down and she said Mia - I have experience with this, I can handle it! ok! sister handle it!!  Jamison has been dilligently practicing for the Nutcracker production in Amarillo.  She is doing so good.  Jamison we are sooo proud of you!  What a great dancing cousin the brother's have!!!

OK - so I couldn't be unfair and not have a picture of Jackson - (uh... Jackson... could you please take off the sunglasses... I think they're silly... every time I try to take a picture of you, you have them on... give Mia a break will you?  

Jaeli - I needed just one more picture of you... ooohhh I just love you... you're soo sweet... Come to Childress - Mia Sager misses you!!

If I was being really fair - I would put a picture of Scout at Thanksgiving too...

and one of Brandon - and goodness knows that I'm fair... look at Brandon can't you just hear him complaining... now Mona get that camera away from me, you do not need to take my picture... ha-ha-ha!!! I took it any way!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just look at this... my cousin David emailed this pic to me.  This proves to me that life is in the details.  Look at me sandwiched in between the pretty and thin girls.  Look at my thighs - stocky from the get go... Look at my sister's and my cousin Monica's dainty and sweet sandals... what do I have on tennis shoes with no socks - how gross is that?  Look at how sweet Sarah and Monica look, sweet little smiles... Do I have a sweet little smile - nope - that's a scowl... (and while part of me loves that I was so unique part of me doesn't)   This picture was taken a looooong time ago.  I know exactly where we were but I have long forgotten what we were doing.  This is at my Granny's house obviously in the summer but what were we up to?  Who was in charge?  I'm sure my Aunt Quetha is taking the picture.  My mom didn't take pictures of very many things.  Obviously the reason why I take a plethora of pictures at every encounter, every production, every waking moment of my children's mundane lives.  It kind of makes me a little sad.  First of all because I look so unhappy and second of all because ... well because of too many other reasons... poor little girl - I had such potential.  Somebody should have taken me under their wing and said - girl - get some socks on!!! girl - smile for the camera - girl - did you know that you can be what ever you want when you grow up?  girl - you don't have to be second - you're first place material - girl - you're not like your sister or your step sister or your cousin - you're a one and only... but no one said that.  The only one who came close was my Granny who quietly loved me and explained things to me that I needed to know. But there was a lot that never got explained.  Now don't get me wrong I knew that my dad loved me and I knew that ChaCha made sure I was all right (goodness knows she taught me how to look for sales and to never pay full price for anything!) but kids need more than that.  Everyday at my school I see kids that are leading lives where they are just getting by. (As my dad would say - leading lives of quiet desperation.) No one to sing their praises, no one to take them under their wing and say - get some socks on!!!  Sometimes, just sometimes it's nice to hear that you're a little something special.  So if you're reading this, make sure you take the time to let someone - your son, your daughter, your spouse - whatever you call the loved ones in your life - that they are special for whatever reason - don't just say Oh you're something special - say you're special because... because .... because.