Friday, October 30, 2009

Just a few pics...

Cowboy Day at Elementary
Look at these handsome cowboys - you just got to love a couple of good looking elementary boys dressing up like cowboys!!!

Here are some pictures of Scout with his medal and his cross country team

Now look his name's in lights - hopefully not for the last time!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Run, Scout, Run!!!

Sager was crying when Scout crossed the finish line - I said why are you crying and Sager says - I don't know!!!

Today, Scout ran in the District Track Meet in Lubbock, Texas.  I must say it was kind of chilly.  The wind was blowing but the sun was shining, not too bad of a day to run.  We took the little boys with us and made pretty good time, of course by the time we got there, I really, really, had to go.  Well, as we pull up and get situated, I finally can't take it, and Brandon says just go in there - I think it's a school.  I walk up to the door and a man is walking in and he holds the door for me (he's very well mannered) and I tell him - I'm really just looking for a bathroom, he says (very politely) you can use the staff restroom - how nice was that! well as I'm walkin' out of the bathroom wiping my hands on a paper towel (you know you can't touch the door handle - it's riddled with germs), someone says excuse me who are you and what are you doing? (Did I mention I'm wearing a big hooded sweatshirt that says Childress Bobcats on it?) Well, I told the man who is sitting at a desk(and who doesn't get up - no manners at all), and a woman who is standing in the doorway(who doesn't move or introduce herself - also no manners at all) that I had to go to the bathroom and a man said that I could use the staff restroom.  The man who still has not gotten up from behind the desk starts to question me about what I was doing, and I told him that I was with the cross country track meet - he says it's not until Thursday - I said well - there's a bunch of kids out there who are getting ready to run and I didn't see a port-a-john or else I wouldn't have walked in here with the man through the front door that wasn't locked - it was open - the man and the woman who still haven't introduced themselves are still arguing with me about whether or not there's a track meet going on and I said they are running today and then regionals are on another day. 

Well, we go round and round and I had said that I was sorry like ten times and he says well this is an alternative school and I said well the front door was open. The whole incident was a complete joke.  I wish that I could have said - why don't you get up from behind your desk and see what the kids are doing outside and maybe you ought to be walking the halls of your school to see what your kids are doing... but of course he didn't ask me for my opinion - like I said - no manners - geesh!!!

Anyhoo - here are some pictures of Scout and the brothers, you know that we are super proud of Scout and how hard he was worked. He has made this day his!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hola mis Amigos!!!

This year for the fourth grade musical, they did things a little different. They had a Fiesta Celebration! 

 They told a few historical facts, and sang a couple of mexican songs. Then the P.E. teacher, Coach Botos, had the kids dancing!!! It was totally cool! I haven't ever seen some of these kids move faster than a slow walk! Seeing all of the kids up and dancing was the best! Everyone of them was smiling and really showing off. It was great. Look at our little Pedro - I mean Shaw!! 

He's always wanted to be Mexican - even if it's only for a night! After the program, we had a potluck dinner and we all dined of some delicious mexican food!
 Good Job Pedro - I mean Shaw!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Friends

This was the first year that we've gone to the Childress High School Homecoming parade. Scout is a freshman class officer so he helped decorate the float and rode on it as well. I didn't even know that there was a homecoming parade! Who knew? Sager, Shaw and I went and watched and then went to the little pep rally after the parade, I think the boys liked it - it was pretty fun - the band played, candy was thrown and something was set on fire! (all the components for some home-town fun!) I had to work in the concession stand for the homecoming football game, so that was pretty fun. When I say it was fun, standing and making frito pies and nachos wasn't fun but seeing all the kids with their mums and garters was kind of fun and visiting with the other parents in the concession stand was fun.

Scout is growing up so fast, it seems like just as soon as he reached high school - he aged instantly! This is such a fun time for him - I hope he's making good memories that will last him his whole lifetime!

You can see that Scout has his Cross Country sweatshirt on - he is so proud of that thing and what it means to him! He has worked so hard to get better every week - and it's all on him - there's no other members to help him or to rely on like in football or basketball - it's all on him... Brandon and I are so proud that he's listened to at least some of the nagging that we have done to try to get him to work hard and accomplish something! We're going to go to District Meet - it's going to be in Lubbock, Texas - I can't wait!

Look here is our new friend. Her name is Rosie. Shaw's going to be showing her and Juliet at the Childress County Livestock show. He's been very dutiful in looking after them, cleaning up after the both of them, scooping poop, trying to get them calmed down, everything. Aren't they sweet?  I hope he's enjoying them and all the memories we're making!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is Bucky. He's the horse that Brandon bought not to long ago. He's like a big ole' dog. He is sooo gentle. Brandon rides him nearly every day so he is getting his money's worth out of him. I don't know... he's pretty cute!

Looky Loo!!!!

Look at our new friend! Juliet.

Isn't she the sweetest? This is Shaw's new show pig. We decided to get another spot, I guess because we just loved Romeo (maybe I shouldn't say loved especially since I took him to get butchered...) but he was such a good pig!!! and Shaw won a little bit of money from ole' Romeo. In fact Shaw just spent part of his pig winnings today on a new scooter!!! This morning we went out to check on Juliet and I'm worried that she's not feeling very good. Hopefully after we give her some medicine, she'll start feeling better! Get well soon sweet girl!!!