Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stick number #5

We just got done with stick number 5! yeah that's right iv number 5.  Sager you are the bravest kid I know!

Oh the torture...the despair!!!!

Look at the agony in the poor baby's eyes!!!  Mean momma is making Sager do HOMEWORK!!!! Call CPS, I'm so mean!!!  Sager hasn't done any homework since he's been in the hospital so I decided we had to do some.  I should have had Brandon do the homework because now I'm the mean one!!!  Sager has pulled out all of his best Bob Barker  dealing skills but I've held firm!!!  He got to take a break for a breathing treatment but that's it.  He won't have to do all of it today so don't feel too sorry for him, there's always tomorrow!

Friday, February 27, 2009

More Sager and more Star Wars...

I'm blogging from, my favorite new hangout, Sager's hospital room.  We're watching the original Star Wars, now they call it "A New Hope", whatever, it's Star Wars.  It brings back a lot of memories... my little brother got a millennium falcon (it's the big white space ship) for Christmas one year and I can remember throwing it out in the snow and him not being able to find it until the snow melted, classic!,  (and my sister and I wonder why he doesn't like us... oh well!! ha-ha!)  Blue (my brother) had a ton of Stars Wars figures and stuff, I certainly hope he gets his son to start watching the movies and stuff.  My kids, all three of them, love Star Wars.  

My dad is hacked off that I am having Sager's Nanna and Aunt Holly come stay with him next week while Brandon and I are at work.  But he's forgotten one small thing, my son isn't like his son.  When my brother was less than a year old and my parents got divorced, my dad would pick up my sister and brother and I for visitation.  When it was time for bed, my dad would change Blue's diaper and tell him SLEEP! and he did.  When I tell Sager to SLEEP! he says Why?, I'm not ready to go to sleep, Why don't I wait and then go to sleep?  Are you sure you want me to go to sleep?  Are you going to sleep? Do I have to go to sleep?.... do you see the problem, Selden probably wouldn't last long with Sager, ha-ha! (or maybe he would, I think Sager got his arguing skills from PawPaw)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Saga continues...

We found out yesterday that Sager has to stay another week  at the hospital. 
It totally stinks.  Brandon is pulling duty today and Friday and then I'll go down Friday night and stay until Sunday.  Then we're rallying the troops namely Nana and Holly to come stay with Sager.  We've had lots of offers of help but only the chosen ones can stay with Sager and have him feel comfortable enough to have them wipe his butt!  Oh to be a chosen one!!!   The brothers are missing the petite one and Sager is certainly missing them.  When I talked to him on the phone at lunch today, he tells me to tell the brothers that he is feeling a little better and that he misses them.  Isn't that so sweet?!  Tonight is Monson practice, Scout and Shaw have a Sonatina festival next weekend, maybe Sager will be there to cheer them on!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look at this!!!

Did you know that when you are 7 and weigh 35 pounds (he's not a midget, he's dainty) and the charge nurse comes at 3:00 a.m. to draw your blood and she can't do it even though she's stuck you three times and she has to call someone from the lab who can't even do it after she sticks you twice again that you can get a prize?

Well it's true!  Sager got this sweet toy after being eviscerated at 3:00 in the morning.  He hardly even cried, if you count three or four tears running down your face as crying!!!   He didn't even say anything to the nurse but evidently she felt pretty bad for having to stick him so many times.  It just goes to say that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.  Sager, you are so tough!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shhh don't tell...


I found a way to access the internet at BSA so   now I'm able to post on my blog (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to access it but shhhh don't tell!).  Sager has to stay until Wednesday.  His doctor wants to make sure that he's doing ok before he lets him out.  We're trying not to complain because of course we want him healthy but it's been eleven days since we first start all of this.  We are waiting for Sager to get another IV started but now he's watching Star Wars movies (a gift from his friend Billye Morgan, Thanks Billye!!)  and charming all the nurses.  We miss everyone back at home and will be ready to get back to the swing of things.  
We have been so blessed by everyone offering to help out with Sager and with Shaw and Scout, it makes me humble beyond words.  

Did I mention it's Mardi Gras time at BSA so Sager got some beads and a mask!  How's that for spirit!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boy oh boy...

Well since my last post, Sager was moved to Amarillo to the hospital there.  Long story short he has a horrible infection in his sinuses that has proven resistant to antibiotics this is on top of Scarlet fever.  He's been on i.v. antibiotics since Saturday the 14th (yes that is going on 9 days!!!) and hopefully (all of our fingers are crossed...) he will be getting out tomorrow on Monday.  He has been such a trooper.  (Although Scout says that he's been living it up in the lap of luxury oops... Scout says  don't put that in there that will make me sound bad, well Scout you said it not me!!!)  (Well I did say it too! he kind of has been living it up, a piece of cheese pizza every night, PlayStation, videos, juice, naps, presents and even a new fish! but that's not the issue!)  The nurses at BSA have taken such good care of all of us, we were so fortunate to have some of the best ladies around taking care of Sager.  Of course, he charmed all of them, he even charmed a couple of Doctors too.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well.... Sager is still in the hospital here in Childress, his fever is back up so they have decided to try a different antibiotic and maybe that will help, everyone has been so helpful with him and with Scout and Shaw, I feel so lucky and blessed that we have the wonderful people we have around us.  I so worry that Scout and Shaw are getting the shaft but there's nothing else to do until Sager gets to feeling better.  I'm sure that Scout and Shaw will receive some lovely "guilt" presents in the near future.  So keep sending some positive mojo our way and maybe very soon Sager will be able to get out of there!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't look at me, I'm hideous!!!! (that's what Sager says)

This is Sager with his swollen eye... poor baby!  Baby Sager ...good, strep...bad!

Sager update...

Well Sager doesn't have the flu, which is good but he does have Scarlet Fever!!!!
Yes, it's true, you know Sager can't do anything normal.  His motto is go big or don't go at all!!!  (not really!) This morning, I noticed that the little rash I thought was from the fever had spread all over his body.  When I called the doctor's office they thought it was unusual so they had us come in.  Brandon had picked up Sager from his parents and when he did, he noticed Sager's eye was swollen, it was really weird!  So when we got to the doctor's office, they were like wow, because by now it was really swollen, and I was like yeah..... so they tested him for the flu and for strep, and of course it was positive for strep and not positive for the flu, go figure...

The really funny part was that they wanted a medical student to come in and look at Sager but they weren't going to tell her anything, so she comes in and asks us some questions, I tell her the same story that I told the other doctor and the nurse practitioner, and so the medical student asks us some more stuff and then the nurse practitioner (he was a new one that we hadn't seen before but he was very lovely) came in and asked the medical student so what do you think it is?  I can't even remember what she said but the nurse practitioner was like, wrong!!!!! It really was funny, he said that Sager had tested positive for strep and the medical student said well he didn't complain of a sore throat, and so she had Sager open his mouth and I said that Sager has kind of a high pain threshold, and Sager has had strep in the past and he hadn't ever even complained about a sore throat and she was like really?, and I wanted to say get real lady, she obviously hadn't been around very many kids... oh well, it ended up all right....Sager has started a round of antibiotics and maybe he's on the road to recovery.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Influenza... the dreaded disease, I can certainly see why it killed so many people in the middle ages! Sager has the flu and it is awful.  I feel absolutely horrible for him and I kind of feel bad because I am so spoiled now when it comes to Sager being sick.  He really hasn't been sick hardly at all like he used to.  As I was rubbing his little back last night, as he was barfing, I thought I remember the old days when he wouldn't sleep, when we had to give breathing treatments every 3 hours, bottles every 2, medicine etc., etc., etc., We haven't had to do that for a while and it really has been nice. 

I had to stay home with him today and man all I can say is that I'm glad I don't have the flu!!! He started out yesterday with a bad headache, and then the fever came, then barfing, then diarrhea, more fever, gas (I mean GAS) and the worst of all, horrible chapped lips!!! (they look gruesome!) Brandon is going to stay home tomorrow, then maybe Edwin will watch him on Friday, that way we can spread the love around!!! (I really hope Brandon doesn't get sick because you girls know how boys act when they're sick... let's just say there is no "sucking it up" no toughness, no strength... just pure D whining!!!)   I thought I had instilled some of my inner toughness on all my boys and let's just say I think they are tougher than most guys but they still got a long, long way to go!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend wonder...

This weekend was pretty nice,  we didn't do too much but the weather was beautiful.  I love a little bit of Global Warming!!!  We cooked out on Friday, which was sooo nice, Scout of course was gone to the basketball game with friends, so he didn't participate, but Shaw and Sager had a blast hanging out with Brandon in the backyard,  they played baseball, and dug in the dirt, just good ole' boy stuff, 

the next night, let's see I talked with my Dad, talked with my brother, and then talked with my sister! (my brother has decided to get out of the marine corps and he's worried that everyone will try to give him advice on what to do and where to go, what?!?  our family giving out unsolicited advice?  no! I just don't believe it!!! ha-ha, yeah right!) (just a hint Blue - listen and nod your head and say "ok, that sounds good" then do whatever you want to do, it's a technique I have long since perfected!!!)

On Saturday, we went out to Edwin and Suzanne's hunting cabin and cooked out with them.  I just love going out there, sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows, we are so lucky that we have such a nice place to go to.  Of course Scout was at a movie with friends so he didn't participate, do you see a pattern here?  oh to be young....

just another side note - tomorrow is Scout's last basketball game, while we have enjoyed watching him play, we are really excited that soon Track season will be here, I'll be interested to see how Scout does this year, last year he really did great, only time will tell!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a side note...

For those of you reading this who are directly related to me, I know some of you just noticed something about the smallest one of us (i.e. Sager).  I know that you think he is a midget but we here in Dog Patch prefer the term L.P. (little person) however, Sager really isn't a midget.  He's dainty, he's petite...

 he's not done growing!!!  Just keep that in mind! 

 We are going to take him to the endocrinologist to double check but his arms are not longer that his body, his legs are not bowed and he is not currently starring in a reality show called "Little People, Big World"  but as soon as he officially becomes a midget, we'll let you know!!!! (ha-ha!)  

The Intervention....

Well Sager and Brandon went to Amarillo to go see the doctor for a check up and Sager's nurse practitioner, Phyllis had quite the talk with him.  Whenever he was little Dr. Habersang told us, to include Sager, that Sager should eat a variety of foods and that we should go by colors, greens, reds, yellows etc in order to get a healthy diet.  Well, unfortunately Sager didn't hear that part, because his color scheme ranges from white - fried mozzarella white to fluorescent orange - Velveeta cheese.  Now don't get me wrong, Sager loves just about any shade of orange, from light orange to umpah loompah orange.  Really the faker the better.  A good meal to Sager is a glass of Sunny D, a quesadilla with shredded cheddar cheese with a side of macaroni and cheese.  So you can see my dilemma.  Sager came home and said that Phyllis wants him to eat cauliflower, broccoli, apples etc.  and that he was going to try to wean himself off of the cheese.  Thank goodness the cheese intervention helped!  He actually ate two pieces of fresh pineapple (all the while making the craziest faces!) but he did it none the less!  Sager, I am so proud that you are trying to break the chains of dairy products!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just a note...

Just case anyone wondered...the baby tracker that I have on the bottom of my blog is for my sister!  (yesterday, Shaw had a small freak out about it! ha!)  She has all J names, Jackson, Jamison and soon to be Jaeli, while I have all S names, Scout, Shaw and Sager!  

just wanted to clear that up,  so there wouldn't be any confusion, poor Shaw was probably scared another Sager was coming!!  ha-ha!!

Stampin' Queens!!!

On Friday night, I went and had the most fun with Melissa V. and the Stampin Queens.  We had a Stampin Up get together and the theme was "Get well soon!"  You would not believe how creative some of these queens are! Melissa's projects were so precious, and Ms. Angie's (Shaw and Scout's preschool teacher) was fabulous!  I just love being around these queens to get my creativity going!  Now all I need is energy like Melissa's and there's nothing I couldn't do!!!

The best part about the night was Scout and his posse walked down to the Art room after they watched the high school basketball game and they had to sit and wait patiently while I finished my stuff!  That's a switch.  I'm sure they didn't mind, Melissa had made homemade chicken soup (I know let's take a moment to hate her!!!) and Margie brought the most DELICIOUS cookies (Julie O. made them), they were lemon and they just melted in your mouth!!  Oh the damage I could have done to those cookies had I been alone (shameful!)  I can't wait until the next get together!!! Until then I will try to do something creative!!  (just being in the Art room must have inspired Scout, he immediately came home and began a drawing with pastels and markers, it really was super cool!)  

I'm going to be studying the new catalog and making my wish list!!