Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Olympics are Here!!! (Look at my Olympic Hopefuls...)

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I have.  As most of you know, I have a great love of TV.  I just love the Olympics.  As a young girl, I often thought about training to go to the Olympics.  Which sport you might ask? Well I never narrowed it down.  I did have the Dorothy Hamil haircut so maybe I could have been a figure skater but I was pretty plump and I lived in Amarillo, Texas so not a whole lot of skating was going on.  Then I thought about swimming but I was on the swim team for the Amarillo Town Club and once again the plump thing and the green speedo racing suit didn't really suit me.  (Especially since, I tired very easily... it was hard building stamina while watching TV...)  Then I thought about gymnastics... but once I found out that the girls were like 4 feet tall and weighed 85 pounds.... and I was 5'6'' in the 6th grade  that kind of ruined things for me there.... but whenever I watched the games, deep down inside I knew that one day, one day I could be there standing on the podium singing the National Anthem, tears streaming down my face as I waved to the crowd, mouthing the words, Thank you.... Thank you.... but alas I didn't make it.  So now I've shifted my dreams vicariously to my children - don't you think Sager would make a good curler?   I don't know.... I better get busy with him.... where's the ice rink in Childress?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soul Train!!!!

I'm watching a VH1 show - about Black History Month, it's about Soul Train!!! Now this may sound silly, but I myself watched ALOT of Soul Train!!!  I've been very open about the fact that I watched too much TV when I was little.  I'm well aware that most kids were not watching as much TV as me.  (I would never let my kids watch as much TV as I did!)  My mom worked nights and slept during the day so there wasn't much to do when you're little.  So on Saturday Morning, we  watched cartoons, American Bandstand and then some Soul Train.  I loved American Bandstand but Soul Train was a trip!! I had never seen dancing and shaking like that.  When they line up and dance through the lines of people - loved it!!!!  I thought it might be alright to have an afro until I got to Jr. High and watched all the sisters putting vaseline in their hair in the bathroom.  Then I changed my mind (ha! especially since I rocked the Dorothy Hamil hairdo until I was in the 6th grade!)  This wasn't my first foray into the black society, my dad had been taking us to the black church in Amarillo and the NAACP meetings for years!  At the time, I thought holy crap - he's going to get us killed.  One time we were at a NAACP meeting or banquet or something and the speaker was a Dallas councilman, who was kind of militant and starting talking about sticking to the "Man".  I leaned over and asked my dad "Do we need to get out of here?" and he just laughed and said - "I don't think so..." and I wondered if my dad was the "Man" and I was ready to claim total Hispanic heritage if I needed to but the evening ended and there wasn't any trouble.   (looking back I'm sure half the people had used my dad as a lawyer or knew someone who had used him as a lawyer!)  I'm sure my dad was trying to teach us about diversity, mankind and the such but at the time it was crazy!!!  I wonder what my kids would think if I drug them to a NAACP meeting - Shaw wouldn't be fazed, Scout would probably be able to hold his own and Sager would probably try and pick up a girl!  (You know Sager loves all color of girls!!)  So here's to Black History Month! Love, Peace and SOUL!!!!