Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh, look at that!

On Monday, we went to Amarillo, so that Sager could go to the eye doctor.  Luckily his eyes are as sharp as his wit.  We were deciding where to eat and Shaw says, "Oh, would you look at that, it's a giant poodle, well we look over and there is the biggest poodle I've ever seen sitting in the passenger seat of a white cadillac, but wait there's more, the man driving was holding the poodle's bowl so he could eat, of course the boys died laughing, it was just crazy!

Sager sees Dr. Munden and when the dr. came in he was asking Sager how old he was and Dr. Munden asks Sager if he goes to Kindergarten and Sager says no, So I say would you please tell him what grade you're in, Sager says 2nd, and Dr. Munden says oh well you must be very smart and of course Sager says, that's what they all say!  Dr. Munden just cracked up.  Luckily Sager's eyes are 20/20 so he's good for another 2 years!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whew, I'm glad that's over with!!!

Well Christmas has come and gone, thank goodness!  My house is almost back to normal!! We had a very good Christmas but I'm glad it's over with.  Now all I have to do is get all of my thank you cards out, and in fact I'm fixing to finish a few more cards that I started yesterday.  We went to Brandon's sister for Christmas Eve and had the best time.  Brandon's mom bought the boys a Wii, and you could not believe the reaction from Sager, all the boys were so excited but Sager was overwhelmed,  it totally brought tears to our eyes,  then on Christmas day we went to  my sister's house in Amarillo and had a very good time, it was so good to see her kids, Jackson and Jamison and soon to be here, Jaylee

Jamison also got a Wii for Christmas and Shawn, Brandon, Shaw, Sager and Jamison played alot of golf, I mean alot, no wonder there were hardly any Wii's anywhere.  We even took the boys Wii to Edwin and Suzanne's to play a little golf and I think Suzanne's going to have to get a Wii for her house!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pheasants Beware!!!

This weekend I went hunting with Brandon, Edwin (Brandon's dad) and my dad and my uncle Garland (better known to the ladies as Gugan)  We hunted for pheasants near Gruver (really closer to Stinnett).  We really didn't see very many birds, although we did kill a few but we walked and walked.  As the only girl, there was no way I was going to complain about how far we'd walked but let's just say that today I can definitely tell I walked further than I had walked in a long time.  

 I always have such a good time when I get back to the yellow house at Hansford.  I have such wonderful memories of spending the night up there with my Granny.  I could go on and on with stories and memories but it would take too much time.  As we were driving up there, I thought about my Granny and how much I miss her and the times I spent with her as a little girl.  I still remember her address from having to write thank you letters and her telephone number and she's been dead about ten years (I can't believe it's been that long...) anyhoo! here's the pictures from the hunt, I'm going to go dry my tears!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Teaching School is Hard Work!

Look at this poor pitiful creature!  Sager was in the worst mood on Wednesday after school.  I had to put in some grades and stuff and so Sager decided he was going to get comfortable.  Not even a minute later he was asleep!!  His medicine makes him so sleepy and especially after a busy day, he's just exhausted!