Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards

So I thought that I would be on the ball and make my Aunt Quetha some Christmas cards so that I could take them with me to her house in Amarillo.  I was so excited at how cute they were that I took them to school to show them off and then when I got ready to pack for Amarillo, I totally could not find them.  So yesterday and today, I made her some more, and a few extra .  Here are some pics!  I hope she sends them to her grandkids, she's got two boys and two girls, they are so cute!!  I hope the like them.  I loved making them. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I thankful for...

Yesterday and today we've been in Amarillo spending some time with my family.  We've had a really good time.  Yesterday my sister Sarah and my niece Jamison went with Sager and I to all the hot spots in town (ya know Kohl's, Ross Dress for Less!) we had so much fun.  While we were shopping, Scout, Jackson, my nephew,  Shaw and my Daddy all went out to go deer hunting (Go Meat!) of course ya know I was praying that nothing would be killed however when you have a 10 yr. old, 13 yr. old and an old man all hungry for blood, something's going to get killed.  So of course there was several versions of the story but in the end a small (pettite) deer got shot.  Jackson missed, Scout hit it, PawPaw said don't shoot it's too small but Scout said I didn't want to not shoot and have Jackson make fun of me so of course I had to kill it.  Jamison says that she thought you weren't supposed to kill baby deer.  Jamison I think your totally right!!! (She's sitting here as I write this, editing my work!  Hi Jamison!!! MiaMia loves you!!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Darling Democrat

Sager just got Brandon and I to stop and watch Barack Obama on the TV.  I totally grew up going to every political function that my Dad and Step Mom could find and drag us to, NAACP, Democrat stuff, Bob Bullock stuff, I'm sad so say, I can even remember putting Mondale/Ferraro signs in people's yards!!!  I totally try to stay away from politics and the such, but the torch might have passed to Sager.  He is totally intrigue about Barack Obama.  You should have heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth when Sager found out the Shaw voted for John McCain in the mock election at the elementary school.  However, it should be noted that Sager did start crying when ever he was telling us about how so many of the kids at school didn't want to vote for John McCain because he was so old and had white hair.  He also said he's old just like PawPaw!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Go Meat!!!

We all went camping out at Brandon's parents hunting cabin (also known as the farm) during Youth Deer Opening day.  My Dad and my nephew came up to do some killing! It was so good to see Jackson, he's getting so big, I was thinking about how he used to be so little and I'm watching him and Shaw and Sager play on a dirt hill and Jackson yells something like I'm the King of the hill so all of y'all kiss my butt!!! (He's such a sweet little lad!)
We had such a great time, roasting marshmallows, cooking steaks, and peeing outside!! and the best part of it, I didn't have to see any dead animals, I didn't have to act like I was really going to cook and eat something that the boys killed! Don't get me wrong, I had a good time, I just didn't want to have to haul a carcass home!!

The GREAT Fake Debate '08

The Junior High had the "Great Fake Debate" in honor of the upcoming election!  Of course, my child was on the Democratic side.  The kids were
absolutely hysterical.  Some of their arguments were so ridiculous you just had to laugh! One student was going to build military bases  every where! I just loved it! 
Scout even worked the crowd before the debate, shaking hands and reminding all the students to vote Democratic!  It must have worked because the Democrats won!  The students in Scout's Advanced Technology class are super students! I just love watching them grow up.

So romantic!!!

Look at my beautiful roses that my super wonderful man gave me! Well, you know there has to be a story if Brandon is sending me roses (He's a little too tight with his money to spend it on roses!).  Mr. Monson, the kids piano teacher, who is a member of the local lions club, got Brandon's cell phone number from Scout and he called him up to get him to send me roses as a part of the lion's club fund raiser, Brandon tells Mr. Monson, well if I send them to Maria I have to send them to my mom and I don't want to spend that much money (I know, you're getting misty-eyed with his sweet ways) so he asked if he could half the roses and send half to me and half to his mother!  Part of me is glad that I got some roses and the other part of me is glad that Brandon wanted to send them to his mother but come on!!