Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sager Shaw Scout

 Shaw: what he is: loving (but not for long - ya know how jr high boys are with their mommas...),laid back, middle child, baseball loving, his best friend - Doc Holiday the dog, nail biter, kind, courteous, hard of hearing unless it's possible gossip..... 
what he isn't - a morning person, Scout, Sager, assertive, early riser, tidy,  health food nut, scared to use the public restroom, totally NOT obsessive compulsive, vegetable eater....

Sager - what he is: kind, loving, obsessive compulsive, nail biter, lip picker, dehydrated, cheese lover, Taylor Swift lover, funny, sarcastic, witty...

what he isn't - passive, quiet, tidy, afraid, vegetable eater, afraid to speak his opinion, 

Scout - what he is - competetive, health food nut, lover of all things running and running related especially apparel, smart, loving, confident, loyal, slightly obsessive compulsive (almost as bad as Sager)

what he isn't - neat, afraid of wearing non matching socks, coke drinker

Three boys all different, three spirits different as night and day but all mine!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aaaahhhh Mother's Day.....

      Today has been a wonderful day before Mother's Day.  Today was the epitome of why I love being a mom.  This morning I was awaken by my teenager who was showering in my shower at 6:30 this morning... did I mention it was Saturday? least he didn't start singing!! He was headed out to play baseball in Canyon, Texas (the Bobcats by the way just won Bi-District! Great day to be a Bobcat!!!) Then I promptly got up and fixed breakfast for the two remaining children that I gave birth to... Shaw had pictures and a baseball game - and as usual Sager was along for the ride!  Shaw had a great day of baseball.... wait - that's not true - it was 98 at 11:00 and his team the rangers got trounced! Sorry Dude, but you looked sweet in your red socks.  Then we came home where I did more and more laundry, made some cards, washed some dishes and played in the sprinkler.  Does that sound very exciting? probably not but it was just like I like it!

     Anyhoo - here is my ode of love to the most wonderful mother I know, my sister Sarah.  As I write this, she has hauled her family to Albuquerque, NM so that her sweet baby boy (who is over 6 feet tall...) can play ball!!! (For the record he gave her two out of the park home runs for mother's day! isn't that so thoughtful - he knew just what she wanted!!)  She was our surrogate mother growing up, the oldest child of an alcoholic who was the peacemaker in all that she's ever done.  I've written about the fight we got into because she was mad at me for coming in late after canoodling with my boyfriend.  She was in the right, I shouldn't have been out that late on a school night, but you couldn't have told that to a teenage girl filled with hormones and hate!  

     Sarah has always been the fabulous one, she was beautiful, inside and out and tried to take the best care of me as best as she could.  I was living with her and her husband when Scout was born, and I can still remember how mad she was at me for getting pregnant first but how much she loved Scout and now his brothers.  She wants so much for her children and there's nothing that she won't do to make them the best.  She always said - I'm a do-er - I'm going to get it done.  Often, people take her nice ways and run over her, but she's getting better about being more assertive... God help us all! 

   She's my favorite person in the whole world.  Literally.  I've given my feelings for her many moments of contemplation so I can say that with no apologies to no anyone else because they haven't been together as long as Sarah and I have.  We have always been together, even when we're mad at each other, we're still together. She's Shirley to my Laverne.  She's Lenny to my Squiggy.  So here's to you sister of mine.... you're the best! The best mom, the best friend, the best! I love you!

My sister Sarah and her baby boy Jackson!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Austin, Texas Here We Come....

I mean, Austin Texas here comes Scout!!! This week, Scout and his fellow Bobcats went to Odessa Texas to compete in the Regional Track Meet.  Now for those who don't understand the process.... They ran in Fritch Texas where they competed against about eight different schools.... let me remind you of what transpired....
Shame on you.... Bushland guy... here he is about to whack Scout!!
Now that everyone is on the same page...once they placed in the top four of that meet, They went to Regionals where they competed against about twenty five or so more teams.  On Monday, you had to place in the top eight to make it to the finals in Odessa and then they ran again on Tuesday and they had to mplace in the top two to make it to State, in Austin, Texas... So Scout made it to  the finals in the 800 run in the last spot but then his coach wanted him to be fresh for the mile relay so he didn't get to run... bummer - I know but on the other hand.... the mile relay placed second so they are STATE BOUND!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!
Here's some pictures....
On your mark...

Get Set..


All the Bobcats going to State!!
We are so stinkin' proud of Scout and his team - you would NOT believe how incredible they ran... AWESOME!!!! I'll have to keep you posted as soon as we get back from the Big City!!