Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wait.... did you hear that?

Wait.... did you hear that???? It was Sager, he just grew up!!!! Holy moly... the day has come, Sager has officially become not a little boy anymore!!! I picked Sager up from Mr. Monson's ukulele lesson and we decided to go and visit our friend, Lindsey,who just moved to town.  There was this little bike in the front yard and Sager asked if he could ride it, I told him sarcastically (I know... how else would I say it? duh!) sure get on that bike and it you can ride it - I'll go get you a brand new one from Wal-Mart!! and let me tell you why I said that.... Sager has wanted to ride a bike but he really wanted to ride a bike with training wheels.  Scout and Shaw took off his training wheels from his old bike because they said that he needed to ride a real bike not a baby bike... no soft warm and fuzzy brotherhood here I'll tell ya! 

So Sager picks up the bike throws his leg over and rides off.  Just like that... he aged instantly!!! I just stared and he's giggling the whole time!! I bust out laughing because in that moment he went from my little baby to a big boy with one turn on the wheel. Holy moly.... how is that?  He was a baby... now he's not.... and to top it off my sister called and asked if we were going to have a big party for Scout's 16th birthday in January.  Do what? oh that's right... Shut your mouth!!!! I'm going to the store to buy a bike and maybe a six pack.... would that look bad?  at this point - who care's.... Sager's not a baby anymore.... gasp, sob, boo-hoo!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BOO HOO Cross Country is over....

Well this year's cross country season is over... boo...hoo... gasp.. sob.... and Scout made it from District in Spearman, Texas to Regionals in Lubbock, Texas this weekend.  For the record the wind only
blew 9,0000miles per hour, and Scout and the rest of his team, who are all ladies, ran really, really well despite the wind.  Look at Sager's hair.... he kep trying to jump up and fly!!!  Scout ran so hard and he was at a dead sprint between the guy from Bushland, TX  (I should post his name so everyone could send him hate mail but I'm the bigger person, I'm the bigger person... sorry I was chanting to myself...) anyway Scout passes this jerk and was leaning in to take the 5th place spot when this creep, who is a Jr. at Bushland, Highschool, whose initials are K.L., I'm just saying...., reaches over and grabs Scout and slings him back and takes 5th and Scout gets 6th.  Of course I start yelling, DISQUALIFY HIM.... but alas they didn't listen to me and they let that punk have 5th place, although I should add that Scout didn't feel good and didn't run his best but he was still better than Mr. L, so Scout gets to go to Regionals, again, second year in a row, second year in a row that he's the only one from Childress going.... yeah that's right - I'm stinking proud of that sucker!!!
 Here's a picture of him and all the high school girls who ran... Hannah, Brooke, Scout, Marisol, and Rachel.... for the record - They totally rocked too! Look there's Scout holding his award and wearing his obscene sunglasses (that's what his ChaCha calls them, even though he worked and paid for them) anyhoo... this weekend was Regionals at Mae Simmons Park, in Lubbock, Texas and Scout ran a really good race even though he thought he did terrible - he forbade me from looking up his time
which I promptly did and even though I won't post it here - He did good.... really good - but the thing is - this is the best of the best and Scout was there among them. It's called perspective people!!  And for the record, Mr. Jerk-wad from Bushland, Texas placed 61st - which was far, far, far behind Scout.... - Karma babe - Karma.... anyhoo Scout has begun to think about Track and Baseball coming up, Shaw is already ready for school to be over with (yikes!) but is looking forward to baseball and Sager is running nearly every day, I sure hope the residents at the Old Folks Home across the street don't think I'm making Sager dress up in red from head to toe and run their back lot... maybe Sager will be the next running man.... ya never know... I know that some people may get tired of my ranting and raving about how fabulous my kids are but you know what - I DON'T CARE!!!! That's right - I don't care.  This is my blog - get your own if you don't want to listen to me!!!

Every day I see kids whose parents don't give a flying flip about them and so I'm not going to be one of them!!! (now let me clarify this... please don't think that I think my kids wouldn't ever mess up... As a parent, I  totally am right in the middle of the people who think their kids are perfect and those who don't even know where their kids are, I'm aware that Scout, Shaw and Sager could screw up at any moment and I also know that they could be totally ready to become what ever it is that they want to be - my children are not perfect - they're real and they're mine!!!)'s just a shameless plug.... here's a picture of my sweet sister and her boy Jackson, who is a baseball super-star - he's in the 7th grade!!!  Look how tall that sucker is!!!  I just love Jackson and can't wait until he's totally playing in the major leagues but only if he keeps going to strength and conditioning class.
 ... I'm just saying Jackson.... listen to your mummy and your mia mia!! Love him!!!!  

I hope everyone has a great week!