Friday, June 28, 2013

Ride the Wave!!!

Sager at riding camp!
     It's a 105 degrees... o.k. it just feels like it's 105... actually it's 102.  I'm outside with Sager while he plays in the "illegal" pool.  Actually it's not illegal... we filled it up with well water.  Our town is on water restriction and there are lunatics who cruise around looking for people using water illegally and then turn them in... it's almost like Mad Max around here... anyway I'm sitting outside while Sager swims and I am contemplating my surroundings.  Scout just got back in from working on a road crew,  Shaw's fresh from a basketball mini camp and Sager... he's in the water where he stays most days.  As I'm watching him, he's swirling the water and hollering... RIDE THE WAVE!!!  JUST RIDE THE WAVE!!! and it hits me that that phrase is clearly a metaphor for where I am at in our lives... I'm riding the waves as Scout gets ready to leave for McMurry University, Shaw is in his last year at Jr high and Sager is just starting his Jr high career. Oh mercy...'s some pics for the record...

I placed second in my age division...
that would be the old division! ha!

Where did the time go???
Scout getting ready to run at the State Track Meet...
he placed second in the 400 m. run!!
Shaw won second place over all and first for his age group
at a 5K... Look there's Lindsey!!)


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